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Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer Rs 350 | *6001#

Zong, a leading telecommunications company, offers an enticing package for its prepaid customers known as the “Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer.” This package is designed to cater to the needs of social media enthusiasts who are always on the go. By dialing *6001#, Zong customers can activate this offer for Rs 350 and enjoy a plethora of benefits.

Zong Monthly Social Plus

The Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer provides users with 20GB of social data, allowing them to stay connected on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and IMO. This generous data allocation is available for both 3G and 4G SIM cards, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of the network type.

In addition to the social data, the package also includes 500 On-Net minutes, enabling users to make calls to other Zong numbers. Furthermore, it offers 100 Off-Net minutes, catering to the need for communication with numbers from different networks. The package also includes 500 SMS, adding another layer of convenience for users.

Offer Name:Zong Monthly
Social Plus
MBs Type:Social
Apps Access:IMO
Zong Minutes:500
Other Minutes:100
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 350
Recharge Required:Rs 360

However, it’s important to note that while the package price is Rs 350, due to the application of FED, GST & AIT taxes, the total recharge required to avail this offer is Rs 360.

Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer Subscribe Online

The Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer is exclusively available for prepaid users. It’s an updated version of the previous “social bucket” launched by Zong, offering double the incentives at the same price.

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For those interested in subscribing to this offer, they can do so by dialing the subscription code or through the Zong App. After downloading and installing the app, users can navigate to the “Bundles” section, click on social packages, search for the “Monthly Social Plus Offer,” and hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button.


Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer is a comprehensive package that provides excellent value for money. It not only ensures uninterrupted social media connectivity but also takes care of users’ calling and texting needs, all for a reasonable price of Rs 350 (Rs 360 after taxes).

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