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Zong Super Advance loan Code 2023 – Zong Loan

Zong, a leading telecom network in Pakistan, has introduced an innovative service known as the Zong Super Advance Loan. This service allows prepaid users to access an emergency loan of up to 60 rupees, which can be availed twice, hence the term “double loan”. The introduction of this service is a testament to the significant improvements in the telecom industry in Pakistan over the past five years.

Zong Super Advance loan

To avail of this service, users need to dial *911#, which enables them to receive an advance loan of 30 rupees. If they require a second loan, they can send a blank SMS to 6911. Thus, through this new service, a user can get a total of 60 rupees as an advance loan in case of an emergency.

Service Name:2nd Advance
Loan:Rs 30
1st Loan Tax:Rs.3.5+tax
Both Loan Tax:Rs 6+tax
Loan via Code:*911#
Loan via SMS:Send blank
SMS to 6911

How Many Loans I Can Take?

However, not all users are eligible for this service. Only those who have recharged their account with 660 rupees in the last three months can apply for the Zong Super Advance Loan. This condition has been put in place to prevent misuse of the service by individuals who take loans without recharging their accounts.

The cost associated with this service includes a tax of 3.5 rupees plus additional taxes for the first loan and 6 rupees plus additional taxes for both loans. In terms of repayment, if a user has taken a single loan, they need to recharge their account with 50 rupees. For those who have availed of the double loan, a recharge of 90 rupees is required, inclusive of GST, AID, and FED deductions.

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Zong Super Advance Loan service

The Zong Super Advance Loan service has been well-received by users, particularly for its utility during emergencies. It allows users to stay connected with their loved ones even when they run out of balance, making it a valuable addition to Zong’s range of services. However, some users have expressed concerns about the automatic activation of the 60 rupees loan and have requested the option to choose a 30 rupees loan instead.


Zong Super Advance Loan service is a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience and providing much-needed support during emergencies. It reflects the telecom industry’s commitment to improving their services and catering to the evolving needs of their users.

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