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Zong Monthly Supreme Offer in Rs 999 (Update)

For only Rs. 999 per month, Zong’s Monthly Supreme offer packs in unlimited on-net minutes, 3000 off-net minutes, 100 off-net SMS, and 12GB of mobile broadband data. This means you can call and text freely on the Zong network without worrying about per minute charges. You also get a generous bundle of off-net minutes and SMS to connect with friends and family on other networks in Pakistan. The 12GB data is also quite sufficient for most users’ monthly internet needs.

Some of the key details of this monthly bundle are:

  • Price: Rs. 999
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Unlimited on-net minutes
  • 3000 off-net minutes
  • 100 off-net SMS
  • 12 GB mobile internet

This offer is available for all prepaid Zong users. As long as you have an active prepaid connection, you can subscribe to this monthly plan. Do note that you need to have sufficient account balance to activate the offer.

Activate Monthly Supreme Offer

Here are some of the biggest benefits of activating Zong’s Monthly Supreme offer:

  • Cost-effective: At just Rs. 999, you get calling, SMS, and data benefits worth thousands of rupees. This offer saves you a lot of money compared to standard per minute rates.
  • Unlimited on-net connectivity: Freely call and text anyone on the Zong network without limits.
  • Off-net resources: 3000 minutes and 100 SMS to non-Zong numbers in Pakistan keeps you connected with friends and family on other networks.
  • Sufficient data: 12GB high-speed data meets most users’ monthly internet needs for surfing, streaming, social media, etc.
  • Convenience: No need to recharge over and over again for talk time or data. One single monthly payment activates this bundled offer.

For heavy calling users and those who use mobile internet regularly, Zong’s Monthly Supreme offer is a great way to get connected while controlling monthly mobile expenses.

Step 1: Check Your Balance

Before activating the Monthly Supreme offer, you should first check that your Zong prepaid account has sufficient balance. As this offer costs Rs. 999, your balance needs to be at least Rs. 999 or greater at the time of activation.

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Ensure you have enough balance to activate the offer

There are two easy ways to check your prepaid account balance:

  1. Dial *786#: This code directly announces your remaining balance over a voice call. There are no charges for using this service.
  2. Use My Zong App: Log into the My Zong app and go to the account section to view your balance. Make sure it is Rs. 999 or more.

If your balance is less than Rs. 999, you need to recharge your Zong number to add more credit. There are various top-up options available starting from Rs. 100. Recharge with any amount that takes your overall balance to Rs. 999 so you can activate the Supreme offer.

You can recharge your number instantly using Zong’s website, My Zong App, or by visiting your nearest Zong franchise or retail store. Online and App-based recharges are the fastest and most convenient option.

Once your balance is sufficient, you are all set to activate the monthly bundle by following the next steps outlined below.

Step 2: Dial the Activation Code

Dial the specific code to activate the Monthly Supreme Offer

Activating the Monthly Supreme offer is straightforward. Just dial the dedicated activation code from your Zong number and the bundle will be activated instantly.

To activate, dial:


Make sure to dial this code exactly from your Zong number. Once you hit the call button, the offer will be activated within seconds.

Do note that Rs. 999 will be deducted from your prepaid balance as soon as you activate the offer. So only dial the code once you’ve ensured your balance is sufficient as explained in Step 1.

If you do not hear any confirmation message or notification after dialing the activation code, do not retry immediately. Wait for 5 minutes before retrying. The network could be congested which is delaying the activation process. Retry after a few minutes if your first attempt does not go through.

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Activating via the USSD code is the fastest way. Alternatively, you can activate via Zong’s website or app as well. But the dedicated *236*88# code directly activates the offer through an automated system which is most convenient.

Step 3: Confirmation Message

Wait for the confirmation message from Zong confirming the activation

Once you have dialed the activation code, wait for the confirmation SMS from Zong. This SMS will confirm that your Monthly Supreme offer has been activated successfully. The confirmation message typically arrives within a few minutes after dialing the code.

The SMS will contain details like:

  • Activation of your Monthly Supreme offer
  • Price deducted (Rs. 999)
  • Offer benefits (minutes, SMS, data)
  • Offer validity period (30 days)

If you do not receive the confirmation message within 5-10 minutes of activating the offer, try dialing the USSD activation code again. There could be a delay in SMS delivery due to network congestion.

You can also confirm activation by dialing *786# to check your remaining balance. Rs. 999 should have been deducted after activating the Monthly Supreme offer.

If the SMS does not come through at all, contact Zong Customer Support to confirm the status of your activation. Provide them with your number and activation details. They will be able to look up and confirm if there was an issue with the activation process.

Step 4: Enjoy the Benefits

Explore the features and benefits of the Monthly Supreme Offer

Once activated, you can start enjoying unlimited calling to Zong numbers, 3000 minutes to call other networks, 100 SMS to any network, and 12 GB of mobile data.

Here are some ways to make the most of your Monthly Supreme offer:

  • Call friends and family on Zong as much as you want at no extra charges.
  • Use the 3000 off-net minutes to call other numbers in Pakistan or even for international calling.
  • Send SMS freely up to the limit of 100 text messages.
  • Use the 12GB data for browsing, streaming, gaming, social media and other online activities.
  • Set reminders for yourself as the validity nears expiration to renew the offer.
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You can check your usage and remaining resources at any time using the My Zong app or dialing the code *236*88# to view offer details.

If you finish the off-net minutes or data before the 30 day validity, you can purchase add-ons through the app to continue enjoying uninterrupted service. Zong offers data and minute top-ups at reasonable rates.

So go ahead and make full use of your Monthly Supreme offer! It provides complete connectivity and freedom to call, text and use mobile internet as much as you need for an entire month.

Step 5: Check Package Details

Check the package details and remaining resources using the provided code

During your Monthly Supreme offer’s validity period, you can check your remaining bundled resources anytime by dialing the code *236*88# from your Zong number.

This will display details such as:

  • Remaining on-net minutes
  • Remaining off-net minutes
  • Remaining SMS count
  • Remaining mobile data
  • Number of days left until expiration

Checking these details from time to time is useful to track your usage. You will know how many off-net minutes or amount of data is left for the month.

This can help you plan your calling and internet usage accordingly. If your minutes or data are depleting rapidly, you can then moderate your usage to ensure the bundled resources last for the full month.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the validity period is important. When only a few days are remaining, you can renew the offer immediately by re-activating it through the same process described above.

In this way, you can enjoy the continuous benefits of the Monthly Supreme offer month after month. Dialing the check code periodically enables you to monitor your usage levels and renew the offer on time.

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