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Zong Monthly Pro Max 200GB Package: Activation Code, Charges, and Features for 2023

Zong 4G, a leading player in the telecom industry, has recently launched an unprecedented package known as the Zong Monthly Pro Max. This all-in-one hybrid package is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its prepaid users, offering a massive 200GB of internet data, 20,000 SMS, 20,000 Zong-to-Zong minutes, and 2,000 minutes for other networks. All these benefits can be availed at a cost of Rs 2000 for a validity period of 30 days.

Zong Monthly Pro Max Details

The Zong Monthly Pro Max is a first-of-its-kind offer in the telecom industry, providing a whopping 200GB of internet data for use on 3G/4G SIM cards. This package is a result of combining the features of the previously launched Pro and Max packages, thereby creating a comprehensive monthly offer that provides maximum value for money.

Activating the Zong Monthly Pro Max package is a straightforward process. Users simply need to dial *6464# from their mobile phones. The package can be subscribed multiple times without any additional call setup charges for both on-network and off-network calls. To check the remaining incentives of the package, users can either use the Zong App or dial *102#.

Offer Name:Zong Monthly
Pro Max
Zong Minutes:20,000
Other Minutes:2000
Valditiy:30 Days
Price:Rs 2000
Subscribe Code:*6464#
Check Code:*102#

Unlimited Connectivity

The Zong Monthly Pro Max package is not just about internet data; it also offers a substantial amount of SMS and calling minutes. With 20,000 SMS and 20,000 Zong-to-Zong minutes, users can stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about running out of resources. Additionally, the package includes 2,000 minutes for other networks, facilitating seamless communication across different telecom networks.

Zong Pro Max Price

While the official price of the Monthly Pro Max Package is Rs 2000, users are advised to load or recharge Rs 2100 to activate the package. Once activated, users can enjoy a wide range of incentives for 30 days on the Zong network.


Zong Monthly Pro Max package is a comprehensive solution for prepaid users seeking high-speed internet, ample SMS, and calling minutes. With its easy activation process and generous offerings, it stands as a testament to Zong’s commitment to providing value-packed telecom services to its users.

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