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Zong Monthly Digital Max 100GB in Rs 1400

The Zong Monthly Digital Max 100GB package is one of the most popular monthly mobile data plans offered by Zong, the leading telecom operator in Pakistan. This package provides a massive 100GB of high-speed 4G data every month, allowing users to browse, stream, download, and use data-intensive apps without any limits.

With the consistently growing demand for mobile data in Pakistan, a monthly data package like Digital Max 100GB offers excellent value for money. It is an ideal package for power users who need to stay connected on the go for work, entertainment, education or any other purpose.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Monthly Package

Choosing the right monthly mobile package as per your usage needs can provide the following key benefits:

  • Cost savings – Packages like Digital Max 100GB provide more data volume at lower rates compared to pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Convenience – No need to recharge data every now and then. Get a fixed data allowance every month.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity – Enjoy uninterrupted 4G data all month long for work or entertainment.
  • Peace of mind – No bill shocks or surprises. Pay a fixed price every month for fixed data.
  • Flexibility – Share data with family members or use data on multiple devices.

Therefore, doing your research and choosing the right monthly bundle that meets your needs is crucial to get the maximum value out of your mobile data plan.

Zong Monthly Digital Max 100GB Package

Package Details and Inclusions

Here are the key details of the Zong Monthly Digital Max 100GB package:

  • 100GB high-speed 4G data
  • Data valid for 30 days
  • Ideal for heavy mobile data users
  • 4G data speeds up to 75Mbps
  • Unlimited on-net (Zong to Zong) calls
  • 3000 off-net minutes (Zong to other networks)
  • 100 SMS
  • Free subscription to Zong 4G streaming apps
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The 100GB high-speed data is the highlight of this package, providing users enough data for various activities like HD video streaming, large file downloads, video conferencing, mobile gaming etc.

Usage Limitations and Fair Usage Policy

While the 100GB allowance is quite generous, Zong does impose some usage limits to ensure optimal service for all users:

  • Speeds may reduce to 64Kbps once 100GB limit is reached
  • On-net calls limited to 250 minutes per day
  • Off-net calls limited to 100 minutes per day
  • Fair usage policy applies to avoid network congestion

Make sure to use the data responsibly and avoid excessive downloading or streaming during peak network usage times.

Activation Process and Code

To subscribe to the Zong Monthly Digital Max 100GB package, you need to dial the USSD activation code *236# from your Zong number. Follow the prompts to confirm your subscription. You can also subscribe via Zong’s self-care app or website.

The package activation code is *236*4*2#

Enter this code and press call to activate the package. The monthly charges of PKR 5,000 will automatically be deducted from your prepaid balance or added to your monthly postpaid bill.

Compare the Zong Monthly Packages

Zong Monthly Pro Max Package

The Pro Max package offers 75GB data and comes at PKR 4,000 per month. It provides unlimited on-net Zong calls and 2000 off-net minutes. Ideal for users with data needs up to 75GB per month.

Zong Monthly Pro Plus Package

This package offers 50GB data and is priced at PKR 2,500 per month. Provides unlimited Zong to Zong calls and 1000 off-net minutes. Suitable for moderate data usage of up to 50GB per month.

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Zong Monthly Internet Package 200GB

With 200GB data, this is Zong’s highest data package priced at PKR 12,000 per month. Provides unlimited on-net and 2000 off-net minutes. Made for extremely high data usage.

Zong Monthly Internet Package 40GB

For light to moderate usage, there is a 40GB package at PKR 1,500 per month with unlimited Zong minutes and 100 off-net minutes.

Therefore, Zong offers monthly bundles ranging from 40GB to 200GB based on usage and budget needs.

How to Check Your Monthly Digital Max 100GB Usage

USSD Code for Checking Usage

To check your remaining data balance and usage details, dial *706# to get real-time details through Zong’s USSD portal.

Other Methods for Tracking Data Consumption

Some other ways to track your monthly Digital Max 100GB data consumption are:

  • Through Zong’s self-care mobile app or website
  • Checking usage meter on your mobile settings
  • Receiving usage alerts via SMS
  • Contacting Zong Customer Support for updates

Monitoring your usage regularly allows you to optimize your data and ensures you don’t run out before the monthly renewal.

Your Monthly Digital Max 100GB Package

Manage Your Data Usage Wisely

Keep track of your usage and avoid unnecessary downloads, streaming or tethering when not required. Use WiFi whenever available to save mobile data.

Utilize Free Add-ons and Bonuses

Make use of free additional data, late night bundles and other value-added services offered by Zong to enhance your monthly package.

Optimize Network Settings for Better Speed

Ensure your phone’s mobile data settings are optimized to use Zong’s 4G network efficiently and get faster data speeds.

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