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Zong Monthly Call, Monthly Call Plus, & Weekly Call Offer

Zong offers a wide range of call packages to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From monthly call packages that provide a set amount of calling minutes per month, to weekly packages for more flexibility, Zong has something for everyone. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore Zong’s main call package offerings so you can find the right fit for your calling needs.

Choose the right call package for your needs

With the variety of call packages Zong has available, it’s important to take the time to consider your calling habits and needs. This will help you select the package that provides the right amount of minutes and features at a price point you’re comfortable with.

For example, light callers may opt for a smaller weekly or monthly package to save money, while heavy callers will want a package with more generous minutes included. Taking the time to match a call package to your usage will ensure you get the most value.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Different monthly call packages offered by Zong

Zong offers monthly call packages ranging from the affordable 30 minute package to the unlimited calling option. Here is an overview of the main monthly call options:

  • Monthly 30 Minutes Package – PKR 20 for 30 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 60 Minutes Package – PKR 35 for 60 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 150 Minutes Package – PKR 75 for 150 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 250 Minutes Package – PKR 125 for 250 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 500 Minutes Package – PKR 225 for 500 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 1000 Minutes Package – PKR 400 for 1000 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly 3000 Minutes Package – PKR 950 for 3000 minutes of calling per month
  • Monthly Unlimited Package – PKR 1200 for unlimited calling per month
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How to subscribe to a monthly call package

Subscribing to a Zong monthly call package is easy and can be done through multiple channels. Here are the main ways to subscribe:

  • Dial the package activation code from your Zong number. Each package has a dedicated code.
  • Use the Zong self-care app or website to select and subscribe to a package.
  • Visit an authorized Zong retailer or franchise and ask to subscribe to your chosen monthly package.
  • Call Zong’s customer support helpline at 1234 and follow the prompts to activate a monthly call package.

Benefits and features of each monthly call package

Zong’s monthly call packages come with a variety of excellent benefits, depending on your selected package. Some key features include:

  • Rollover minutes – Unused minutes roll over to the next month for most packages.
  • Free Zong to Zong calls – Calling other Zong numbers does not deduct from your package minutes.
  • SMS bundles – Many packages include free SMS messages.
  • Off-net discounts – Discounted calling rates to other networks.
  • Peak and off-peak timing – Some packages differentiate between peak and off-peak minute deduction.

Zong Monthly Call Plus Package

The Zong Monthly Call Plus package provides exceptional value and extra benefits beyond the standard monthly call packages. For a monthly fee of PKR 1500, customers get truly unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes, 3000 off-net minutes to call other networks, 100 off-net SMS, and 1GB of mobile internet.

The unlimited Zong to Zong minutes provide complete flexibility when calling other Zong numbers, without ever having to worry about your balance. The 3000 off-net minutes allow you to call all other networks in Pakistan for over an hour each day. And the mobile internet and SMS bundles enable you to stay connected on your smartphone.

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Subscription process and activation code

You can subscribe to the Monthly Call Plus package by:

  • Dialing the activation code *240*51# to activate the package.
  • Using the Zong website or mobile app to activate the package on your number.
  • Visiting a Zong franchise or calling customer support at 1234.

Advantages and additional benefits of the Monthly Call Plus package

The Monthly Call Plus package really maximizes value for heavy callers and users. Beyond the calling, SMS and internet bundles, additional benefits include:

  • Unlimited off-net calls from 2am – 9am daily.
  • Zong to Zong minutes do not have peak/off-peak timing restrictions.
  • Unused minutes and resources roll over to the next month.
  • Discounted calling rates to all networks in Pakistan.
  • Free subscriptions to services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Zong Weekly Call Packages

In addition to its monthly packages, Zong offers a variety of weekly call packages that provide flexibility and smaller bundles of minutes on a weekly basis. These packages are great for light to moderate callers who don’t need a full month’s minutes.

Zong’s weekly call packages include the 30 Minutes Weekly Package, 60 Minutes Weekly Package, 150 Minutes Weekly Package, and 300 Minutes Weekly Package. Pricing ranges from PKR 10 for the 30 Minutes package up to PKR 55 for 300 Minutes weekly.

Subscription procedure and activation codes

Activating a weekly call package is easy with Zong. Simply dial the package code or use Zong’s self-service channels. Activation codes are:

  • 30 Minutes Weekly – *230*1#
  • 60 Minutes Weekly – *230*2#
  • 150 Minutes Weekly – *230*3#
  • 300 Minutes Weekly – *230*4#
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Key features and advantages of each weekly call package

Zong weekly packages come with great benefits like:

  • Unused minutes rollover for use in the next week.
  • Discounted Zong to Zong calling rates.
  • SMS bundles included in most packages.
  • No long-term commitments – renew on a weekly basis as needed.

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