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Zong Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code 2023

Zong, a leading telecommunications company, offers a unique service known as the “Missed Call Alert” to its users. This service is designed to keep users informed about any calls or SMS they might have missed when their mobile device was switched off or out of signal range. However, there may be instances where users wish to unsubscribe from this service. In such cases, Zong provides a straightforward process for deactivation.

Zong Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from the Zong Missed Call Alert service, users need to send an SMS with the text “Unsub” to specific numbers, depending on the type of subscription they have. For those who have subscribed to the weekly service, they should send the “Unsub” message to 6226. On the other hand, users who have opted for the monthly service should send the same message to 6229.

It’s important to note that these codes are applicable for both prepaid and postpaid Zong SIM users. The deactivation of the Missed Call Alert service will be processed according to the package validity, either weekly or monthly.

Call Helpline & Deactivate

In rare cases where users encounter difficulties in deactivating the service using the SMS method, Zong provides an alternative solution. Users can call the helpline number 310 or dial 03111999311 and request the customer service representative to deactivate the service. Once the deactivation is confirmed, the service will be successfully unsubscribed.

Official Price Details

The Zong Missed Call Alert service comes at a fixed price, with different rates for weekly and monthly subscriptions. The weekly subscription costs Rs 5.95 plus tax, while the monthly subscription is priced at Rs 20 plus tax. Additional taxes include GST at 19.5%, FED at 16%, and AIT at 10%.

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Missed Call AlertPrice
Weekly Price:Rs 5.95 + Tax
Monthly Price:Rs 20 + Tax


Zong Missed Call Alert service is a convenient feature for users who wish to stay updated about their missed calls and SMS. However, for those who wish to unsubscribe from this service, Zong provides a simple and user-friendly process. Whether it’s through sending an SMS or calling the helpline, users can easily deactivate the service as per their convenience.

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