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Zong MB Check Code 2023 – How to Check Zong Remaining MBs

Zong, a popular telecom network in Pakistan, offers its users an easy and convenient way to check their remaining internet data or megabytes (MBs) through the Zong MB Check Code. This code, *102*4#, is a prepaid code that works across all daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. By dialing this code, users can quickly find out how many MBs they have left on their Zong SIM card.

Zong MB Check Code

The process of checking your remaining MBs on Zong is straightforward. After subscribing to any Zong internet package or receiving free MBs, you simply dial the Zong MB Check Code, *102*4#. This will provide you with details about your remaining internet data. The best part is that checking your remaining data does not deduct anything from your balance account.

Check All Incenitves:*102*1#
Check Zong Minutes:*102*2#
Check Zong Messages:*102*3#
Check Zong Internet MBs:*102*4#

Zong has always been a preferred choice for internet users due to its affordable and competitively priced internet packages. Moreover, Zong 4G often provides free internet to its customers on a daily basis, making it even more appealing.

In addition to the Zong MB Check Code, there are other ways to check your remaining MBs on Zong. One such method is through the official Zong app. After downloading and installing the app, you can easily check your remaining MBs from the front page of the app.

Zong E-Care

Another method is through the Zong E-Care portal. This official portal provides comprehensive information about Zong Packages, usage, and basic details of the SIM. To access it, you need to create a username and password. Once logged in, you can check your data usage for free.

Zong Helpline No

If you encounter any difficulties or network errors while using the Zong MB Check Code or the app, you can dial the helpline code 310 and connect with an agent. They can assist you with network problems and provide you with your balance details.


Zong provides multiple methods for its users to check their remaining internet data, making it easy and convenient for them to manage their internet usage. Whether you prefer using the Zong MB Check Code, the official app, or the E-Care portal, you can easily keep track of your remaining MBs on Zong.

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