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Zong Emergency Pack For Zero Balance Calls (Details)

Zong, a leading telecom network, has introduced an innovative value-added service known as the Zong Emergency Pack. This unique service allows users to make calls, send SMS, and access the internet even when they have zero balance on their prepaid SIM card. This is a first in the telecom industry, breaking the norm of needing load balance to access telecom services.

The Zong Emergency Pack is designed to help users in situations where their prepaid SIM card balance runs out, limiting their access to essential services such as calls, internet data, and messaging. Traditionally, users would need to recharge or load balance onto their SIM to regain access to these services. However, with the Zong Emergency Pack, users can continue to access these services for free.

Zong Emergency Pack

Activating the Zong Emergency Pack is simple. Users just need to dial *2445# from their prepaid Zong number. Once activated, this service offers two 60-second voice calls (one on-network and one off-network), 10 missed calls, 20MB of internet data, and 20 SMS, all for a nominal fee of Rs 7 (inclusive of tax). These incentives can be used even with zero balance, making it a valuable service in case of emergencies.

The Zong Emergency Pack is a weekly service, meaning it needs to be reactivated every seven days using the same *2445# code. Despite being a relatively new offer, it has been well-received by prepaid Zong users who appreciate its convenience and utility.

Offer Name:Zong Emergency Pack
Internet MBs:20 MBs
1 On-Net Call:60 Seconds
1 Off-Net Call:60 Seconds
Missed Calls:10 Missed Calls
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 7
Subscribe Code:*2445#
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20MBs Free Data

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the Zong Emergency Pack also provides free plain 20MBs of data, which can be used to access social apps, send emergency messages, or make audio/video calls over the internet.

1 Off-Network Call

Furthermore, it enables subscribers to make a 60-second call to an on-network (Zong to Zong) number and a 60-second call to an off-network number. It also supports up to 10 missed calls, allowing users to give a missed call to any network number they want.


Zong Emergency Pack is a revolutionary service that ensures uninterrupted access to essential telecom services even when users run out of balance. It is an affordable and convenient solution for prepaid Zong users, particularly in emergency situations.

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