Zong Double Number Service Code 2023 (Doosra Number)

Zong, a leading telecommunications company, has introduced an innovative service known as the “Zong Double Number Service Code 2023 (Doosra Number)” to cater to the needs of its customers who require multiple numbers for different purposes. This service allows users to activate two numbers on a single SIM card, eliminating the need to carry multiple phones or SIM cards.

Double Number Details

To subscribe to this service, users can simply send an SMS with the text “SUB” to 4600 from their active Zong SIM. Alternatively, they can dial 4600 from their active Zong SIM. Upon successful subscription, users will receive a confirmation SMS containing their newly activated number. This service is designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free, providing a convenient solution for those who need to maintain separate numbers for business, private, or family use.

Unsubscribing from this service is equally straightforward. Users can either send an SMS with the text “Unsub” to 4600 or dial IVR 4600 to deactivate the double number service from their prepaid number.

The Zong Double Number Service is available to both prepaid and postpaid users. However, it’s important to note that users must have sufficient balance to maintain this offer. The subscription price for prepaid users is Rs. 1.60 plus tax per day, while postpaid users are charged PKR 30 per month.

Service Name:Double Number
SUB:Dial 4600
to 4600
UN-SUB:SMS “Unsub”
to 4600
UN-SUB:Dial IVR 4600
Prepaid SUB Price:Rs. 1.60+Tax/Day
Postpaid SUB Price:PKR 30/Month
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How To Activate Service?

This service is particularly beneficial for individuals who need to manage different phone numbers for personal and business use. With the Zong Double Number Service, users can easily switch between their personal and business numbers on a single SIM card, making it easier to manage calls and messages.

Zong Double Number Service Code 2023 (Doosra Number) is a practical and efficient solution for users who need to maintain multiple numbers. By offering the convenience of two numbers on one SIM, Zong continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and customer-centric services.

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