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Zong CVM Bundles 2023 – Full Details

Zong, a leading network provider in Pakistan, has introduced a range of affordable internet packages known as Zong CVM Bundles. The term CVM stands for Customer Value Management, a concept widely used in the telecom industry to denote cost-effective packages. Zong is the pioneer in launching these CVM packages in Pakistan, joining the list of countries that offer such bundles.

Zong CVM Bundles

The Zong CVM Bundles are designed to provide maximum internet access at the lowest possible subscription price, making them an ideal choice for Zong 4G SIM users who frequently activate internet packages on their prepaid SIMs. There are five different CVM Bundles available, each with varying validities and data allowances.

Zong TikTok CVM Bundle

The first bundle is the Zong TikTok CVM Bundle, which can be activated by dialing *3388#. This bundle offers 500 MBs of data specifically for using the TikTok app, valid for 24 hours, at a cost of just 5 rupees.

Offer Name:Zong TikTok
CVM Offer
Data:500 MBs
Validitiy:1 Day
Price:Rs 5
Subscribe Code:*3388#

Zong WhatsApp CVM Bundle

Zong WhatsApp CVM Bundle, which can be activated by dialing *3399#. Similar to the TikTok bundle, this package provides 500 MBs of data for WhatsApp usage, valid for one day, also priced at 5 rupees.

Offer Name:Zong WhatsApp
CVM Offer
Data:500 MBs
Validitiy:1 Day
Price:Rs 5
Subscribe Code:*3399#
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Zong Off Peak CVM Bundle

The Zong Off Peak CVM Bundle, activated by dialing *3355#, offers 500 MBs of general internet usage for a single day at a cost of 6 rupees.

Offer Name:Zong Off Peak
CVM Bundle
Data:500 MBs
Validitiy:1 Day
Price:Rs 6
Subscribe Code:*3355#

Zong 3 Day CVM Bundle

For users seeking a longer validity period, the Zong 3 Day CVM Bundle provides 1GB of internet data for 3 days at a cost of 10 rupees. This bundle can be activated by dialing *3331#.

Offer Name:Zong 3 Day
CVM Bundle
Validitiy:3 Days
Price:Rs 10
Subscribe Code:*3331#

Zong 4G CVM Bundle

Zong 4G CVM Bundle offers a whopping 10GB of internet data that can be used continuously for 7 days. This bundle can be activated by dialing *3366# and costs just 10 rupees. This bundle is particularly popular due to its generous data allowance and long validity period.

Offer Name:Zong 4G
CVM Bundle
Validitiy:7 Days
Price:Rs 10
Subscribe Code:*3366#

Check Remaining CVM Package

To check the remaining validity and data of your Zong CVM Packages after subscribing, simply download and install the Zong App from the play store. All the necessary information can be found on the app’s dashboard.


Zong CVM Bundles offer a range of affordable internet packages for prepaid Zong 4G SIM users. With five different bundles to choose from, users can select the package that best suits their internet usage needs.

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