Zong Card Load Karne Ka Tarika – How To Recharge Zong Card

Having a Zong prepaid mobile connection offers many benefits like no contracts, flexibility to change plans, and better control over your spending. However, to be able to make calls, send messages or use mobile data, you need to have sufficient balance in your account. This is why regularly recharging your Zong prepaid card is essential.

Recharging ensures you are able to use your Zong number without any interruptions. Running out of balance means you cannot make outgoing calls or send SMS until you add more credit. Recharging proactively helps avoid such situations where you might miss important calls or messages.

Frequent small value recharges are better than recharging with a large amount infrequently. This gives you better control over your expenditure. With a large recharge value, it is easier to overspend if you are not carefully tracking usage.

Benefits of Online Recharge

Doing a prepaid recharge online has many advantages compared to traditional offline recharge methods:

  • Convenience – Recharge can be done instantly any time from your phone without having to visit a shop.
  • Discounts and cashbacks – Online recharges often come with special promotional offers.
  • Instant recharge – Balance gets credited immediately in most cases.
  • Safe and secure – Online recharge through official channels is safe and your money is protected.
  • Reward points – Many recharge websites offer reward points that can be redeemed later.

Thus, if you want a fast and hassle-free way to recharge your Zong prepaid account, doing it online is your best bet.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Recharging Your Zong Card

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Information

Zong Card Load Karne Ka Tarika

Before recharging your Zong prepaid mobile online, you need to have certain information handy:

  • Your 10 digit Zong mobile number
  • Amount you wish to recharge with
  • Payment method you will use – options include credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, mobile wallet etc.
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You also need to select which recharge denomination you want. Some popular Zong recharge amounts include:

  • Rs. 10
  • Rs. 20
  • Rs. 50
  • Rs. 100
  • Rs. 150
  • Rs. 250
  • Rs. 300
  • Rs. 500
  • Rs. 1000

Choose an amount that aligns with your usage needs and budget.

How to Recharge Zong Card Online

There are many ways to recharge your Zong number online:

  • Official Zong website or app – Recharging directly through Zong’s official channels is the safest option. You can use your credit/debit card, internet banking or mobile wallet.
  • Recharge websites – Popular recharge portals like EasyPaisa, JazzCash etc. also allow instant online Zong recharges.
  • Mobile wallets – Apps like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Upaisa etc. make recharging very convenient.
  • OTT apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, PayPal also facilitate mobile recharges.
  • SMS – You can send an SMS from your Zong number to recharge.

How to Recharge Zong Card for Free

While Zong does not directly offer any free recharges, there are some ways to get bonus credits or cashbacks on your recharges:

  • Use referral codes on recharge websites to get signup bonuses.
  • Participate in recharge offers or contests to win free recharges.
  • Recharge on days with special promotions to get cashback offers.
  • Use loyalty points earned on recharges to redeem for free credits.
  • Port your number to Zong to avail free welcome offers.

However, outright free recharges without any costs are very rare. Most offers will still require you to make a recharge, albeit at a discounted price or with cashbacks.

Step 2: Choose the Recharge Method

Zong Card Recharge Code

If you prefer using recharge codes or vouchers, you can buy a Zong recharge code either offline or online. Types of recharge codes include:

  • Scratch cards – Come with concealed PIN that gets revealed on scratching.
  • PINs – Listing of codes that can be entered to recharge.
  • E-vouchers – Digital voucher sent to your phone via SMS/email.
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Enter the recharge code on Zong’s website or dial *786# to redeem it. Do ensure the code is purchased only through authorized sellers to avoid fraud.

Zong Card Code

Zong prepaid customers have a unique 14-digit card code printed on their SIM card. It is different from the mobile number. You may need to provide this code while doing certain transactions like:

  • Recharging through ATMs
  • Redeeming promotions that require card code
  • Registering for Zong services that need authentication

Always keep your Zong card code safe and do not share it with others to prevent misuse. You can find it on your SIM packaging or SMS REG to 789 to retrieve it.

Zong Scratch Card Code

Zong scratch cards come with a unique code under a scratchable surface. To reveal the code, gently scratch off the panel using a coin without damaging the code digits printed underneath.

Typical steps to use a Zong scratch card code are:

  • Scratch the card carefully to reveal the recharge PIN.
  • Dial *786*PIN# to recharge via SMS.
  • Or enter code on Zong website under ‘Recharge’ section.
  • Confirm the recharge amount and mobile number.
  • Make payment if required.
  • You will get a recharge confirmation message.

Scratch cards provide an easy instant recharge option without needing internet access.

Step 3: Enter the Recharge Details

Zong Card Pic 100

  • Amount – Choose recharge amount from available denominations (e.g. Rs. 100).
  • Mobile number – Enter your 10 digit Zong mobile number carefully.
  • Card number – In some cases, you may need to enter your Zong card number printed on SIM.
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You also need to select your payment mode and make the payment if recharging directly. For recharge codes, enter the unique PIN or voucher number.

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