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Zong Call Packages For Saudi Arabia (Updated 2023)

Zong, a leading telecommunications company, has introduced a range of call packages for Saudi Arabia, specifically designed for Mobily Network Numbers. This move is in response to the strong ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, with many Pakistanis frequently visiting the Kingdom due to religious reasons. The new call packages are aimed at providing affordable communication options for Zong users who want to stay connected with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia.

Zong Call Packages For Saudi Arabia

The call packages are divided into two categories: prepaid and postpaid. The prepaid packages include weekly and monthly options. The weekly bundle offers 15 Mobily minutes for Rs 100 and 40 Mobily minutes for Rs 250. The monthly bundle provides 90 Mobily minutes for Rs 500 and 200 Mobily minutes for Rs 1000. To subscribe to these packages, users need to send an SMS with the relevant subscription code to 6966.

Postpaid Call Packages for KSA

In addition to the prepaid packages, Zong also offers postpaid packages. These include two different monthly bundles, offering 90 Mobily minutes for Rs 500 and 200 Mobily minutes for Rs 1000. The subscription codes for these packages are also provided, and users can subscribe by sending an SMS with the appropriate code to 6966.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Codes

Subscribing and unsubscribing to these packages is made easy through the official Zong portal and the Zong App, providing users with additional convenience. To unsubscribe from any package, users simply need to send an SMS with the corresponding unsubscription code to 6966.

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It’s important to note that the given minutes work exclusively for calls from Zong to Mobily numbers. Before making a call, users need to dial either +96654 or +96656. The standard tariff for Zong calls to Saudi Arabia is Rs 15 per minute. For further assistance, users can call the helpline at 111222111 or 310.

Zong Call Packages Affordable Price

This initiative by Zong reflects the company’s commitment to providing affordable and convenient communication solutions for its users. With these new call packages, Zong users in Pakistan can now easily and affordably stay connected with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia.

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