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Zong 4G Bolt Internet Packages for 2023: Monthly and Yearly

Zong, the only network in Pakistan offering internet on its 4G device with varying validities, has introduced a range of internet packages for 2023. These packages are designed to cater to different user needs and come with monthly and yearly validity options.

The Zong 4G Bolt device, which supports super 4G, can be purchased for Rs 3,700. Once you have the device, you can activate a variety of internet packages based on your usage requirements. The activation process is simple and can be done by dialing code 310 or visiting a Zong franchise.

Zong 4G Bolt Internet Packages

Monthly 65 GB

The monthly bolt packages are ideal for users looking for short-duration bundles. There are three options available. The first package offers 65 GB of data for 30 days at a cost of PKR 2100.

Package Name:Monthly Bundle
Data:65 GB
Price:PKR 2100

Monthly 160 GB

The second package provides 160 GB for a month at PKR 2600, with half of the data (80 GB) accessible only from 4 AM to 4 PM, while the remaining 80 GB is available 24 hours.

Package Name:Monthly Bundle
Data:160 GB
Timing:80 GB
(4AM to 4PM)
Price:PKR 2600

Monthly 200 GB

The third package offers 200 GB for PKR 3300, with 100 GB usable from 4 AM to 4 PM only.

Package Name:Monthly Bundle
Data:200 GB
Timing:100 GB
(4AM to 4PM)
Price:PKR 3300

Packages (3, 6, 12 Months)

3 Months

The 3-month package provides a total of 195 GB data (65 GB per month) for PKR 5750.

Package Name:3 Months
Total Data:195 GB
Per Month:65 GB
Price:PKR 5750

6 Months

The 6-month package offers 105 GB data with 30 GB accessible from 4 AM to 4 PM, priced at PKR 12500.

Package Name:6 Months
Data:105 GB
Timing:30 GB
(4AM to 4PM)
Price:PKR 12500

12 Months

Lastly, the 12-month package also provides 105 GB data with the same timing restrictions as the 6-month package, but it costs PKR 23000.

Package Name:12 Months
Total Data:105 GB
Timing:30 GB
(4AM to 4PM)
Price:PKR 23000

These packages offer flexibility and affordability, allowing users to enjoy unlimited internet on their Zong 4G Bolt devices. Whether you need a short-term solution or a long-term plan, Zong’s 2023 internet packages have got you covered.

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