How To Unsubscribe Zong Packages In 2023

Zong, as one of the leading telecommunication networks in Pakistan, is known for its vast range of services including call, SMS and Internet packages. Despite its popularity, there may come a time when you need to unsubscribe from a Zong package.

Whether you’re looking to switch to another bundle, free up some funds, or simply no longer require the service, it’s important to know how to properly cancel these packages. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to unsubscribe from Zong packages using various codes and methods.

Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code 2023

Dialing the Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from all Zong packages, you need to first dial the appropriate code. For instance, you can send an “UNSUB” message to 6009 to initiate the cancellation process.

Unsubscribing from Specific Packages

If you only wish to cancel specific packages, Zong provides separate codes for each. For instance, to unsubscribe from the SMS package, send “UNSUB” to 700. To cancel the daily internet package, send “UNSUB” to 909. Remember to confirm your decision when prompted.

How to Unsubscribe Zong Packages Online

Locate the Unsubscribe Option

You can also unsubscribe from Zong packages online. Navigate to Zong’s official website and log into your account. Look for the ‘unsubscribe’ option, usually located under the ‘manage packages’ section.

Steps to Unsubscribe

Once you find the option to unsubscribe, click on it. You may be asked to confirm your decision, so ensure that you’re ready to proceed with the cancellation. Some packages may require additional steps to cancel, so follow all prompts carefully.

Confirmation of Unsubscription

Upon successful cancellation, you should receive a confirmation message. This could be in the form of an email or an on-screen notification. If you don’t receive any confirmation, it’s best to contact Zong’s customer service for assistance.

How to Unsubscribe Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Identifying the Appropriate Code

Each Zong package has a unique unsubscribe code. For weekly internet packages, you can dial *2*2# from your phone’s keypad.

Send the Unsubscribe Request

After keying in the code, press the call button to send the request. Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Confirming Unsubscription

A confirmation message will be sent once the cancellation is successful. This helps to ensure that you are no longer subscribed to the package and won’t be charged for it.

Procedure to Unsubscribe Zong Monthly Package

Key the Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from a Zong monthly package, dial the helpline number 310. This will connect you with a customer service representative who can assist with your request.

Follow the Prompt Instructions

Inform the operator that you wish to cancel your current monthly internet package. They will guide you through the necessary steps to complete the process.

Verify Unsubscription

Once the process is completed, you should receive a confirmation of your package cancellation. If you don’t, contact Zong’s customer service for clarification.

Zong Daily Package Offer Rs 5 Unsubscribe Code

Sending the ‘UNSUB’ Message

If you’re subscribed to a Zong daily package offer worth Rs 5 and wish to unsubscribe, you can simply send an “UNSUB” message to the given code. This will initiate the cancellation process.

Awaiting Unsubscription Confirmation

After sending the message, expect to receive a confirmation that your package has been successfully cancelled. If you don’t receive this, it’s best to reach out to Zong’s customer service for assistance.


Unsubscribing from Zong packages is a simple process that can be completed through various methods. Whether you prefer using codes or would rather unsubscribe online, this guide provides all the necessary information to help you cancel your Zong packages with ease. Remember, managing your subscriptions effectively can save you money and ensure that you only pay for the services you need.

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