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Zong All In One Weekly (AIO) Package 2023

The Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023 is the latest weekly bundle offered by Zong, one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan. This economical package provides customers with generous amounts of calling minutes, SMS and mobile data to use within 7 days.

The All In One Weekly Package is ideal for people who make frequent calls and use mobile internet during the week. With this package, customers can enjoy calling, messaging and browsing without having to worry about exceeding their limits or paying extra charges.

Some of the key features of the Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023 include:

  • 6000 Zong minutes for making calls to any local Zong number
  • 3000 minutes for calling all networks in Pakistan
  • 100 SMS to any mobile network in Pakistan
  • 12 GB of mobile data for internet browsing and apps
  • Weekly validity – benefits are valid for 7 days
  • National coverage on Zong’s network across Pakistan

The package is available at an affordable price of Rs. 650 only. With calling, SMS and data benefits all combined into one bundle, the Zong All In One Weekly Package offers great value and convenience to users.

Benefits of subscribing to the package

There are many excellent benefits of subscribing to the Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023, including:

  • Cost-effective – At just Rs. 650, this package offers great value compared to paying for calls, SMS and data individually.
  • Generous resources – The package includes thousands of Zong minutes, all network minutes, SMS and a hefty amount of mobile data.
  • Weekly renewal – No need to renew monthly. The resources refresh automatically each week.
  • Convenience – Everything needed for calling, texting and internet is in one bundle.
  • National coverage – Use the package anywhere on Zong’s nationwide network.
  • Flexibility – Customers can subscribe and unsubscribe as per their weekly needs.
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With all these advantages, the Zong Weekly Package is a great choice for people who want an all-in-one solution for their mobile communication needs.

How to Subscribe to Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023

Step 1: Dial the subscription code

Dial *7777# from your Zong number

The first step is to dial *7777# from your Zong mobile number that you wish to subscribe the package for. *7777# is the official activation code for Zong weekly bundles.

Make sure you dial *7777# using your Zong SIM card. The subscription code will only work on Zong numbers.

Dial the code when your Zong SIM is loaded with sufficient balance. The weekly package charges will be deducted automatically from your prepaid account or postpaid bill.

Step 2: Choose the All In One Weekly Package

Select the option for Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023

When you dial *7777#, you will see a menu listing all the weekly bundle options available from Zong. Choose the option for “Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023” by entering the corresponding number.

The menu usually lists the All In One Weekly Package as option 1. However, double check the menu carefully before selecting your option.

Make sure to not select any other weekly bundle, or you may end up subscribing to the wrong package.

Step 3: Confirm the subscription

Follow the prompts to confirm your subscription

After choosing the All In One Weekly option, you will get SMS prompts to confirm your subscription. Carefully read each prompt and follow the instructions.

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You will need to enter “1” or another designated number to confirm and complete the Zong All In One Weekly Package subscription.

If you enter the wrong confirmation number, the request may be cancelled. So pay close attention to the confirmation prompts.

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits

Start using the package and enjoy the included minutes, SMS and internet data

Once subscribed successfully, you can immediately start enjoying the Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023 benefits!

Make calls to any Zong number or other local networks using your package minutes. Send SMS to any local mobile network without any extra charges. And use your high-speed data for browsing, streaming, social media and more.

The resources will automatically replenish each week upon renewal. You can subscribe and unsubscribe the package anytime as per your weekly usage needs.


The Zong All In One Weekly Package 2023 provides an excellent bundle with calling minutes, SMS and mobile internet to meet your weekly communication needs. By following the simple subscription process outlined above, you can start enjoying the benefits of this package.

The convenience, affordability and flexibility offered by the Zong Weekly Package makes it a great value prepaid and postpaid add-on. With generous amounts of Zong minutes, cross-network minutes, SMS and data, you can stay connected all week long without worrying about bill shocks or crossing your limits.

So dial the *7777# code today, select the Zong All In One Weekly option, confirm your subscription and unlock the full potential of your Zong SIM with this complete weekly bundle!

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