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Zong 4G Special Roaming Offer for China’s National Day

Zong 4G, a leading telecommunications company, has announced a special international roaming offer in celebration of China’s National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. These two holidays, celebrated on October 1st and 4th respectively, are among the most significant in China, providing an opportunity for families and friends to gather and honor Chinese culture and heritage.

Prepaid Bundles

In light of these festivities, Zong 4G is offering its customers who are traveling to China for the holidays an exclusive deal that allows them to enjoy affordable international roaming rates on calls, SMS, and data. This initiative aims to help customers stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about expensive roaming charges.

The international roaming offer from Zong 4G includes three distinct prepaid bundles. Bundle 1 offers 30 minutes of calls, 100 SMS, and 1 GB of data for PKR 1,999. Bundle 2 provides 60 minutes of calls, 200 SMS, and 3 GB of data for PKR 2,999. Lastly, Bundle 3 includes 90 minutes of calls, 300 SMS, and 5 GB of data for PKR 3,999. All three bundles are valid for seven days from the date of activation.

Activating one of these bundles is straightforward. Customers can dial *444# and select their preferred bundle from the menu. Alternatively, they can activate a bundle through the My Zong app.

How to make the most of Zong 4G’s international roaming offer

To maximize the benefits of this international roaming offer, Zong 4G suggests several tips. Firstly, customers should choose the right bundle based on their needs. If they plan to make only a few calls and send a few SMS messages, the smallest bundle would be suitable. However, if they anticipate using a lot of data, a larger bundle would be more appropriate.

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Secondly, it is recommended to activate the bundle before traveling to ensure immediate access to roaming service upon arrival in China. Lastly, customers should use their bundle wisely by avoiding long phone calls or streaming videos, which can quickly deplete their data allowance. They can keep track of their remaining minutes, SMS messages, and data allowance by dialing 1014#.


Zong 4G’s special international roaming offer for China’s National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival is a cost-effective solution for customers traveling to China during these holidays. By following the suggested tips, they can make the most of this offer and enjoy their holidays without worrying about expensive roaming charges.

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