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Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Package (Sub & Unsub)

Zong, a leading telecommunications company, offers a variety of internet packages designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Among these are the Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Packages, which include three distinct data buckets: the Zong GNO Offer, the Zong DTO Offer, and the Mega Data Package.

The first package, known as the Zong GNO (Good Night Offer) or Zong Youth Offer, provides users with 2.5GB (2500 MBs) of data from 1AM to 9AM daily. This package is priced at Rs 25 and can be activated by sending an SMS with the code “GNO” to 6464.

Offer Name:GNO Offer
Timing:1AM to 9AM
Price:Rs 25
SUB via SMS:Send GNO to 6464

The second package, the Zong DTO (Day Time Offer), offers 1.5GB (1500 MBs) of data for Rs 25. The validity of this package extends from 4AM to 7PM daily. To subscribe to this package, users need to dial *47#.

Offer Name:DTO Offer
Timing:4AM to 7PM
Price:Rs 25

Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Package

The third package, the Weekly Mega Data Package, is a weekly data bucket that provides 100GB of internet data from 1AM to 9AM for seven days. The cost of this package is PKR 150, but users must have 155 rupees in their account to cover tax requirements. This package can be activated by dialing *808#.

Offer Name:Weekly Mega
Timing:1AM to 9AM
Price:Rs 150
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It’s important to note that while these packages offer internet access during specific AM to PM hours, none of them provide internet from 12AM to 12PM. However, they do offer similar timing, making them suitable for users who require internet access during these hours.

These packages are available to all Zong users across Pakistan and offer 3G/4G coverage. However, taxes will apply, so users are advised to load more than the actual bucket price.


Zong’s 12AM to 12PM Internet Packages offer a range of options for users who require internet access during specific hours. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, Zong has a package that can cater to your needs.

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