Xiaomi Rumored to Replace MIUI with MIOS Soon

Xiaomi, a renowned name in the world of technology, is reportedly contemplating a significant shift in its custom interface. The company’s MIUI, one of the most popular custom Android skins globally with over 500 million active users, might soon be replaced by an entirely new operating system named MiOS.

MIUI has been widely appreciated for its extensive range of features and customizations, along with its sleek and contemporary design. However, recent reports suggest that Xiaomi is considering replacing it with MiOS, a completely new operating system.

This information comes from a credible insider, Digital Chat Station, who asserts that MiOS will not merely be a rebranded version of MIUI but a brand-new operating system potentially featuring a new user interface, new features, and possibly even a new kernel.

While it is still premature to predict what MiOS will entail, it is evident that Xiaomi is gearing up for a significant change with its next operating system. This could indicate the company’s intent to transition from its budget-friendly roots and establish itself as a more premium brand.

What could MiOS mean?

The introduction of MiOS could have several implications for users. Firstly, MiOS might offer more stability and reliability than MIUI, which has been known to have some bugs and performance issues. A new operating system could provide Xiaomi with an opportunity to start anew and create a more refined experience.

Secondly, MiOS could introduce a host of new features and customizations. Xiaomi is continually seeking ways to enhance MIUI, so it is plausible that MiOS would incorporate numerous new features and customizations not currently available in MIUI.

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Lastly, MiOS could be more closely integrated with Xiaomi’s other products and services. Xiaomi offers a broad spectrum of products and services, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, and more. MiOS could potentially be more closely integrated with these products and services, simplifying users’ control over their Xiaomi devices and data management.

When could MiOS released?

As of now, it is too early to predict when MiOS could be released. However, considering the report comes from a credible insider, we might witness the launch of MiOS as early as next year. Nevertheless, Xiaomi could also choose to postpone the release of MiOS or even abandon the project entirely. Only time will reveal the future of Xiaomi’s custom interface.


MIUI is a popular custom Android skin, Xiaomi might be planning to replace it with an entirely new operating system called MiOS. Although it is still too early to ascertain what MiOS will look like, it could potentially offer numerous benefits for Xiaomi users, such as improved stability, new features, and closer integration with Xiaomi’s other products and services.

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