How To Withdraw Money From Easypaisa Account 2023

Easypaisa, born out of the need for a simplified financial system, is Pakistan’s first mobile banking platform launched by Tameer Bank (now Telenor Microfinance Bank) in 2009. This revolutionary platform offers an array of services including funds transfer, bill payments, mobile top-ups, savings accounts, and not forgetting our focus today, easy cash withdrawals.

The benefits of Easypaisa are manifold. It brings the convenience of managing transactions from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are, at any time. It eliminates the need for visiting a bank and waiting in long queues. The ability to transact 24/7, promptness in service delivery, and user-friendly interface makes it a favorite among millions of Pakistanis.

How to withdraw money from your Easypaisa account

Understanding how to withdraw money from your Easypaisa account is as crucial as knowing how to deposit. It’s akin to unlocking your digital wallet and having your money right when you need it. Whether you need cash for an emergency, to pay for goods and services, or send money to a loved one, the knowledge of executing a withdrawal is empowering. It gives you control over your funds and ensures you can access your money promptly and securely.

Withdraw Money from Your Easypaisa Account in 2023

In this section, we outline a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw money from your Easypaisa account. Let’s dive into it.

Step 1: Ensure Sufficient Balance in Your Easypaisa Account

The first step in the withdrawal process is to make sure that your Easypaisa account has sufficient balance to cover the amount you intend to withdraw. You can check your balance by logging into your Easypaisa account through the mobile app or by dialing *786# from your phone.

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Step 2: Dial the Easypaisa Helpline Number

Once you’ve confirmed that your account has enough balance, you can proceed to call the Easypaisa helpline. The helpline can be reached by dialing 3737 from a Telenor number or 111-345-100 from any other network. Be sure to have your Easypaisa account details handy when you make this call.

Step 3: Provide the Required Information to the Customer Service Representative

Upon reaching the Easypaisa helpline, a customer service representative will ask for information such as your mobile number registered with your Easypaisa account and the purpose of your call. Politely inform them that you wish to perform a withdrawal transaction.

Step 4: Verify Your Identity and Account Details

For your safety and security, the customer service representative will ask you to verify your identity and account details. This might involve confirming your full name, CNIC number, and other personal information linked to your Easypaisa account. Always ensure that you are providing these details in a secure environment.

Step 5: Request a Withdrawal from Your Easypaisa Account

Once your identity is confirmed, you can proceed to request a withdrawal. Inform the representative about the amount you need to withdraw. It’s important to note that the maximum daily withdrawal limit is PKR 50,000.

Step 6: Confirm the Amount and Destination for Withdrawal

After stating the withdrawal amount, you will be asked by the representative where you want the money to be sent. You can choose to have it transferred to another bank account or pick it up from an Easypaisa shop. Make sure to confirm the information for accuracy to prevent any errors during the transaction.

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Step 7: Receive Confirmation and Transaction Details

Finally, after all the details have been verified and approved, the representative will confirm the transaction. You will receive a transaction ID along with other details of the transaction. Make sure you save this information for reference until you have successfully received the withdrawn amount.

Easypaisa Helpline and Withdrawal Charges

Availability of Easypaisa Helpline

The Easypaisa helpline operates 24/7, thus ensuring that assistance is just a call away, regardless of the time. Whether you need help with a withdrawal or any other service related to your Easypaisa account, rest assured that you can reach out to them at any time.

Easypaisa Withdrawal Charges

When using the Easypaisa platform, it’s important to be aware of the withdrawal charges. These charges vary depending on the amount you wish to withdraw. However, Easypaisa is committed to maintaining transparency in all its transactions and ensures that customers are informed about any fees or charges before executing a transaction.

Easypaisa Charges for 2023

Easypaisa has released a comprehensive list of charges for 2023. This list provides detailed information about the charges for various services including withdrawals, funds transfer, bill payments, and more. It’s recommended to review this list so you can plan your transactions wisely and avoid any unexpected charges.


Withdrawing money from your Easypaisa account need not be a daunting task. With this step-by-step guide, we hope that you are now confident about navigating this process effortlessly. Remember, the key to a smooth withdrawal process is having a clear understanding of the steps involved, being aware of the charges, and ensuring secure handling of your account details. Happy transacting

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