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Warid 5GB WhatsApp Package Monthly 2023

Warid, a popular network provider, has introduced an enticing offer for its users in 2023. The company has launched a new monthly WhatsApp package that provides 5GB of data for just PKR 75. This package is specifically designed to cater to the needs of social media enthusiasts who use WhatsApp regularly.

Warid WhatsApp Package Monthly

To activate this package, Warid users need to dial *101*1*02#. Once subscribed, they will receive 5GB of WhatsApp data for a period of 30 days. The package can be monitored by dialing *101*2*02# for status and *101*3*02# for information. If at any point during the validity period, users wish to unsubscribe from the package, they can do so by dialing *101*4*02#.

Offer Name:Warid WhatsApp
Package Monthly
Data:5 GB
Price:PKR 75
Validity:30 Days

Warid WhatsApp Offer Price

This package is not only affordable but also offers a substantial amount of data, making it a top trend in Google search history. When compared to other regular packages or even 30-day social bundles offered by other networks, Warid’s monthly WhatsApp package stands out due to its cost-effectiveness and the generous amount of data provided.

Waird 5000 MBs

The introduction of this package reflects Warid’s commitment to providing value for money to its subscribers. It encourages users to stay connected on social media platforms without worrying about exhausting their data or overspending. By subscribing to this package, Warid users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment on WhatsApp for an entire month at a very reasonable price.

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Warid’s monthly WhatsApp package for 2023 is a great deal for those who rely heavily on WhatsApp for communication and social networking. It offers a significant amount of data at a low cost, ensuring that users get the most out of their money. So, if you’re a Warid user, consider subscribing to this package to enjoy seamless WhatsApp usage throughout the month.

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