How to Verify Sims on CNIC via SMS in Pakistan

The ease of access to technology and its widespread use has resulted in an increase in complications, especially when it comes to maintaining security. In the realm of telecommunications, these complications manifest predominantly as issues with SIM card verification.

Our guide is structured to take you through the importance of SIM verification, explain the relationship between your CNIC and SIM cards, provide a step-by-step guide to verifying your SIMs on CNIC via SMS, introduce online methods for SIM verification, and conclude with best practices and guidelines from PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

SIM verification in Pakistan

With the advent of mobile technology, communication has become quicker and more convenient than ever before. However, this ease of communication comes with its own set of challenges – one of which is the unauthorized use of SIM cards.

Verifying your SIM card against your CNIC is crucial not only for your personal security but also for national security. It helps prevent misuse of your identity and ensures that all telecom activities carried out by your number are genuinely yours.

What is CNIC system

The CNIC system in Pakistan plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of telecom operations. The CNIC is a government-issued identity document that serves as proof of citizenship and is mandatory for all Pakistani citizens.

It carries important information about an individual, such as their name, father’s name, date of birth, gender, and residential address. In the context of telecommunications, it is used to register and verify SIM cards, ensuring that each SIM card is linked to a unique and verifiable identity

How to Check Which SIM Number is on Your CNIC

Online Checking Method

Verifying which SIM numbers are registered against your CNIC online is straightforward. Most telecom companies in Pakistan provide an online portal for this purpose. To use these online services, you usually need to enter your CNIC number and complete a simple verification process. The system will then display the SIM cards registered under your CNIC.

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SMS Checking Method

If you prefer to check via SMS, the PTA has made this possible too. You can send an SMS to a specific number provided by the PTA, and you will receive a response listing all the SIM cards registered under your CNIC. This method is highly convenient as it does not require internet access and can be done from any mobile handset.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Verify Sims on CNIC via SMS in Pakistan

Step 1: Gather Required Information

Start by ensuring you have the correct CNIC number that you want to verify. It is essential to double-check the number to avoid any errors.

Step 2: Send SMS for Verification

Next, compose an SMS with your 13-digit CNIC number (without spaces or dashes) and send it to 668. This is the verification number provided by the PTA for SIM checks.

Step 3: Understand the Response

After sending the SMS, you will receive a reply listing all the telecom operators’ names and the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC with each operator. If the number of SIMs exceeds the permissible limit set by the PTA, it may indicate unauthorized usage.

Step 4: Contact Service Provider for Discrepancies

If you notice any discrepancies in the response, such as an unknown SIM, immediately contact the respective service provider to sort out the issue. It’s essential to protect your identity and prevent potential misuse.

Online Methods to Check SIMs on CNIC

Using Official Websites

Most telecom operators offer online services for SIM verification. To use these services, visit the official website of your service provider, look for the SIM verification page, and follow the instructions provided. Typically, you will need to enter your CNIC number, and the system will display any SIMs registered under it.

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Using Mobile Applications

Many telecom operators also offer mobile applications for easy access to their services. These applications usually include a SIM verification feature. After downloading the application from Google Play or the App Store, navigate to the SIM verification section, enter your CNIC number, and the application will display the SIMs registered under it.

Jazz SIM Number Check by CNIC

Jazz Telecom

Jazz is one of the leading telecommunication providers in Pakistan, with millions of subscribers. It offers a range of services, including call packages, SMS packages, internet services, and more. Apart from these, Jazz has also made provisions for its customers to check the SIM numbers registered against their CNIC.

Check Jazz SIM number through CNIC

To verify your Jazz SIM number via CNIC, you can use the Jazz customer portal online or send an SMS to 6001 containing your CNIC number (without dashes). You will receive a reply listing all Jazz SIM numbers registered against your CNIC. If you find any discrepancies, you are advised to contact Jazz customer service immediately.

PTA SIM Check: Best Practices and Guidelines

Understand PTA’s Role

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the regulatory body for telecom services in Pakistan. It oversees all aspects of telecommunication, from service provision to consumer protection. The PTA has implemented the SIM verification system to protect consumers’ identities and maintain the integrity of telecommunications in the country.

Compliance with PTA Guidelines

Compliance with PTA guidelines is necessary for all consumers and service providers. By ensuring that your SIM cards are registered against your CNIC, you are conforming to these guidelines.

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If you find any unregistered or unauthorized SIMs, it is crucial to report them to the respective service provider or the PTA. Remember, complying with these regulations is not only a legal obligation but also a step towards a secure and reliable telecommunication environment.


Let’s recap the steps for SIM verification on CNIC. First, gather your CNIC information. Then, send an SMS to 668 with your CNIC number for verification. Understand the response you receive, and if you notice any discrepancies, contact your service provider immediately. Additionally, you can use online methods provided by most telecom operators for SIM verification. These online methods include official websites and mobile applications.

Regular checks of SIMs registered against your CNIC are vital for maintaining your personal and national security. They help prevent identity theft and the misuse of your number for illegal activities. Always remember, your CNIC is not just an identity card; it’s a key to many services, including telecommunication. Keep it secure, and be responsible.

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