How to Unsubscribe from PIFRA Email

PIFRA, an initiative operating under the Pakistani government, provides crucial financial information to its subscribers. By subscribing to PIFRA’s emails, users receive updates about their pay slips, tax details, and other financial data directly in their inbox. This service ensures quick and convenient access to important financial information. However, you may choose to unsubscribe if these emails no longer serve your needs or if they contribute to an overcrowded inbox.

Importance of managing your email subscriptions

Managing your email subscriptions is an essential aspect of digital hygiene. It helps you maintain a clean, organized inbox, free from unwanted clutter. Regularly updating your subscription preferences ensures that you receive only relevant and useful information.

It minimizes the risk of missing out on important emails due to an inundated inbox. Furthermore, it reduces the likelihood of your personal information being misused if the subscription service experiences a data breach.

Why You Might Want to Unsubscribe from PIFRA Email

The downsides of receiving unwanted emails

Unwanted emails can lead to various issues. First, they contribute to a cluttered inbox, making it difficult to identify and respond to important emails. Secondly, they can distract you from your work, reducing productivity. Lastly, if you’re receiving these emails on your mobile device, they can consume valuable storage space and data.

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The benefits of maintaining a clean inbox

Maintaining a clean inbox has several benefits. It promotes efficiency as you spend less time sorting through irrelevant emails. Additionally, it improves your online security by reducing exposure to potentially harmful spam or phishing emails. A clean inbox also facilitates better communication and productivity by ensuring that relevant emails are not overlooked.

Process to Unsubscribe from PIFRA Email

Locate the unsubscribe link in the email

Like most email subscriptions, PIFRA emails should contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link, usually located at the bottom of the email. Clicking this link will typically lead you to a page where you can confirm your decision to unsubscribe.

Send an email to with personnel no and wrong email address

If you cannot find the ‘unsubscribe’ link or if the link is not working, you have another option. Send an email to In the email, include your personnel number (which identifies you as a subscriber) and the email address you wish to unsubscribe. This process informs PIFRA’s system that you no longer wish to receive their emails.

Confirm your unsubscription

After sending the email, wait for a confirmation from PIFRA. This could be an automatic response or a manual one, depending on their system. Once you’ve received this confirmation, you can be confident that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from PIFRA emails.

How to Change Your Email Address on PIFRA

Identify the need to change your email address

There can be several reasons to change your email address on PIFRA. You may have created a new professional email address, or your current email might be compromised. Whatever the reason, changing your email is a straightforward process.

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Update your email address

To update your email address with PIFRA, you will need to log into your account on their website. Once logged in, navigate to ‘Profile’ or ‘Account Settings’ and look for an option to ‘Edit’ your email address. Enter your new email address and save the changes.

Verify your new email address

After updating your email, expect an email from PIFRA to your new address, requesting confirmation of the change. Clicking on the verification link in this email will confirm your new email address, and PIFRA will start sending communications to this address instead.

PIFRA Email Registration

Benefits of register your email with PIFRA

Registering your email with PIFRA allows you to receive important financial information directly in your inbox. This includes updates about pay slips, tax details, and other relevant financial data. This service offers a convenient way of staying updated without the need to manually check the PIFRA website.

The process of successful registration

To register your email with PIFRA, visit the PIFRA website and locate the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ option. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information, including your email address. After this, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in this email to verify your account and complete the registration process.

How to Delete Gmail Account from PIFRA

Reasons why you might want to delete your Gmail account from PIFRA

There could be several reasons why you’d want to delete your Gmail account from PIFRA. Perhaps you’re no longer using that Gmail account, or you prefer to use a different email provider. Alternatively, you might wish to enhance your security by not linking your primary email account to various online services.

How to remove your Gmail account from PIFRA

To remove your Gmail account from PIFRA, first, log into your PIFRA account. Navigate to ‘Profile’ or ‘Account Settings’. Here, you should find an option to ‘Remove Email’ or ‘Delete Account’. Follow the prompts to confirm the deletion of your Gmail account. Remember, deleting your Gmail account from PIFRA means you will no longer receive any emails from them on that account.

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Register for PIFRA Pay Slip

Instructions to register for pay slip

Registering for PIFRA pay slip is easy and convenient. Visit the PIFRA website and locate the pay slip registration option. You will be prompted to provide some basic information, such as your name, personnel number, and email address. Once you have entered this information, click ‘Register’ or ‘Submit’.

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Clicking the link in this email will verify your registration and complete the process. After successful registration, you will start receiving your pay slips directly to your registered email account.

Benefits of register for PIFRA pay slip

Receiving your pay slip via email has several benefits. It provides instant access to your pay information anywhere, anytime, without the need to physically collect or print pay slips. Additionally, it’s more secure, as your financial data is sent directly to your personal email account rather than being accessible on shared office systems. Lastly, it’s an environmentally friendly solution, reducing the need for paper and printing resources.


This comprehensive guide has covered everything you need to know about managing your PIFRA email subscriptions. We’ve discussed the importance of maintaining a clean inbox and the potential downsides of unwanted emails.

We’ve walked you through the process to unsubscribe from PIFRA emails, how to change your email address on PIFRA, and how to delete your Gmail account from PIFRA. Furthermore, we’ve explained the benefits and the process of registering your email with PIFRA and how to register for PIFRA pay slip.

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