Universities Offers Free Education to Visually Impaired Students in KPK

In a significant move towards inclusivity and empowerment, public sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have announced that they will offer free education to visually impaired students. This initiative was unveiled by the Governor of KP, Ghulam Ali, during a ceremony held to commemorate White Cane Safety Day on October 18th, 2023.

The decision is a strategic step aimed at uplifting and empowering visually impaired students in the province who are often unable to pursue their education due to financial constraints. By waiving off their tuition fees, these universities are providing an opportunity for these students to access quality education without the burden of financial stress.

In addition to offering free education, these universities have also committed to providing financial assistance to support these students further. This aid could potentially cover other expenses related to their education, such as books, accommodation, and transportation, thereby ensuring a comprehensive support system for these students.

Universities Offers Free Education

Educational institutions across the province have been directed to provide employment opportunities for at least one visually impaired individual in every district. This directive not only promotes inclusivity but also ensures that visually impaired individuals can contribute to society and lead independent lives.

Governor Ghulam Ali has also proposed the establishment of schools specifically designed for visually impaired students in suburban areas. This proposal is currently under consideration by the provincial cabinet. If approved, it would further enhance the educational infrastructure for visually impaired students in the province.

During the announcement, the Governor also highlighted the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals due to various societal and infrastructural issues. He emphasized the need for more initiatives like this to ensure that visually impaired individuals are provided with equal opportunities to succeed.

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This initiative by the public sector universities of KP is a commendable step towards creating an inclusive society where everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, has access to quality education and opportunities for growth. It sets a precedent for other provinces and educational institutions to follow, thereby paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable Pakistan.


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