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Ufone 1 Day Call Package 2023 | Ufone Special Call Offer

Ufone, a popular network in Pakistan, is known for its well-crafted packages that cater to a wide range of users. One such package is the Ufone Special Call Offer, which is the focus of this article. This one-day call package allows subscribers to stay connected with other Ufone users for 24 hours at a minimal cost.

Ufone Special Call Offer

To activate the Ufone Special Call Offer, subscribers need to dial *062#. The activation of this bundle costs PKR 10. Once activated, subscribers can make calls to other Ufone numbers for the next 24 hours. The cost of these calls is PKR 3.89 per hour. It’s important to note that this charge applies regardless of whether the call lasts for a minute, half an hour, or the full hour.

Offer Name:Super Call
On-Net Minutes:24 Hours
Subscription Charges:PKR 10
1 Hour Call Charges:PKR 3.89
SUB-Code:Send 33 to 444

1st Method to Subscribe

There are two methods to subscribe to this bundle. The first method, as mentioned earlier, involves dialing *062#.

2nd Method to Subscribe

The second method requires sending an SMS with the code ’33’ to the service number 444. Upon successful subscription, the network sends a confirmation notification.

Super Call Offer Un-Subscribe

The Ufone Special Call Offer can also be easily deactivated by dialing *451#. The unsubscription cost is a nominal PKR 0.05, and a confirmation message is sent upon successful deactivation.

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Start Calls For PKR 3

While this package offers great value, it’s important to remember that each call will incur a charge of PKR 3.89 per hour, regardless of the call duration. This means that even a call lasting just a few seconds will be charged the full hourly rate.


Ufone Special Call Offer provides an affordable way for Ufone subscribers to stay connected with their contacts. With easy activation and deactivation processes and a low hourly rate, it’s a convenient option for those who need to make frequent calls.

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