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Ufone Call Packages for Saudi Arabia

Ufone, a leading telecommunications network in Pakistan, has designed a range of call packages specifically for prepaid users making calls to Saudi Arabia. This initiative is particularly beneficial for the thousands of Pakistani people who travel to Saudi Arabia annually for religious pilgrimages such as Hajj and Umrah.

Saudi Arabia, being a holy country for Muslims, attracts a significant number of Pakistani visitors each year. During their stay, affordable and reliable communication channels are essential. Ufone has stepped up to meet this need by offering competitive calling rates and high-quality voice packages for calls to Saudi Arabia.

Ufone Super Hajj & Umrah Offer

The Ufone Saudi Arabia Call Packages include several options tailored to different user needs. For instance, the ‘Umrah Offer’ provides 30 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls, 30 outgoing SMS, and 300 MBs of internet for Rs 630 only. Users can activate this offer by dialing *4880#.

Offer Name:Umrah Offer
Out & Income
Outgoing SMS:30
Internet MBs:300
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 630

Another package, the ‘Hajj Offer’, offers more extensive benefits with 120 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls, 120 outgoing SMS, and 1500 MBs of internet for Rs 2100. The subscription code for this offer is *4881#.

Offer Name:Hajj Offer
Out & Income
Outgoing SMS:120
Internet MBs:1500
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2100

Ufone Per Second Offer

Ufone also offers a ‘Per Second’ plan, which charges a fixed tariff rate on outgoing and incoming calls for Mobily, Zain & STC networks. Interestingly, this offer requires no subscription; users can simply start a voice call.

Offer Name:Per Second
For Country:Saudi Arabia
KSA Networks:Mobily
Outgoing Call Rate
Per Second:
Rs 0.36
Incoming Call Rate
Per Second:
Rs 0.57

Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer

The ‘Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer’ is another popular choice due to its low calling rate per 20 seconds. By dialing *226#, users can avail of this offer, which charges Rs 2.99 + tax for every 20 seconds of call time.

Offer Name:Middle East
Rate Per 20 Sec:Rs 2.99
Country Valid:Saudi Arabia

In addition to these packages, Ufone also provides an IDD Discount Offer that offers a fixed calling rate of Rs 2.99+ Tax per 20 seconds on both landline and mobile calls. The subscription code for this offer is *226#.

Offer Name:IDD Discount
Rate:Rs 2.99
Rs 2.99 Per:20 Seconds
Call On:Landline
Country:Pak to KSA


Ufone Saudi Arabia Call Packages for 2023 provide a variety of options for prepaid users to stay connected with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia at affordable rates. These packages are a testament to Ufone’s commitment to providing high-quality and cost-effective communication solutions for its users.

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