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Ufone New Launch: Sab Se Bari Plus Offer at Just 399 Rupees

Ufone, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, has recently introduced an exciting new package for its prepaid users – the Sab Se Bari Plus Offer. This offer is a significant upgrade from the previous Sab Se Bari Offer, which was limited in terms of mobile data and on-network minutes.

The Sab Se Bari Plus Offer is a comprehensive weekly hybrid package that provides a wide range of incentives at an affordable price of just 399 rupees. The package includes 40GB of internet data, 5000 SMS, 5000 U-U & PTCL minutes, and 250 off-network minutes. This makes it an ideal choice for prepaid users who seek a cost-effective bundle that offers a variety of services.

All-in-One Offer Details

Subscribing to the Sab Se Bari Plus Offer is a straightforward process. Users can dial *7777# to activate the offer via code. Alternatively, they can use the Ufone App or the online activation method through the official Ufone portal. To activate online, users need to insert their number on the official portal and click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

Offer Name:Ufone Sab Se
Bari Plus Offer
U-U & PTCL Minutes:5000
Other Minutes:250
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 399
How To Subscribe:*7777#
Check Code:*706#

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, visiting a Ufone Franchise, Retailer, or Service Care Center and requesting activation is also an option. However, the online activation and subscription through the App method are recommended for convenience.

Plus Offer Check Code

Once subscribed, users can check their remaining incentives by dialing *706# for internet data and using the Ufone App for SMS and minutes. This ensures that users can easily keep track of their usage and manage their resources effectively.

40GB Check Code:*706#
Minutes & SMS Check:Use Ufone App

The Sab Se Bari Plus Offer is non-recursive and valid for seven days. It’s important to note that all types of taxes including GST, AIT & FED apply as per government rules. Also, the call setup fee does not apply to this offer, and calls can last a maximum of 59 minutes and 59 seconds.


Ufone’s Sab Se Bari Plus Offer is a comprehensive and affordable package that caters to the diverse needs of prepaid users. With its wide range of incentives and easy activation process, it offers non-stop fun for a whole week at just 399 rupees.

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