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Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer 2023

Ufone, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, has introduced an exciting monthly Facebook offer for the year 2023. This new offer allows Ufone users to access Facebook for an entire month at an affordable price.

The monthly Facebook offer is a prepaid bundle that gives users unlimited access to Facebook without any data charges. Once subscribed, users can browse Facebook, watch videos, share photos and updates, and message friends without worrying about data consumption.

This is an ideal offer for social media enthusiasts who regularly use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family. The unlimited Facebook access allows them to fully utilize the platform without limiting their usage.

Benefits of subscribing to the offer

There are several great benefits of subscribing to Ufone’s monthly Facebook offer:

  • Unrestricted access to Facebook – Users can browse, share, watch, message without data limits
  • Affordable monthly price – The offer comes at a reasonable price of Rs 50 per month
  • No hidden charges – The monthly fee includes taxes and there are no activation charges
  • Convenience – Hassle-free subscription through dialing a code
  • For prepaid users – The offer is available for all Ufone prepaid users
  • Monthly renewal – Automatically renewed every month for continuous access

With unlimited Facebook access at a low monthly rate, Ufone users can now stay socially connected all month long without worrying about data balance. It provides great value for money for frequent Facebook users.

Step 1: Check Your Balance

Dial the code to check your balance

Before subscribing to Ufone’s monthly Facebook offer, it is recommended to check your account balance first. This will ensure that you have sufficient balance to activate the monthly bundle.

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You can check your balance by dialing the balance inquiry code *786# from your Ufone number. This USSD code is free of charge and will instantly display your remaining balance.

The steps to check balance are:

  • Open phone dial pad
  • Dial *786#
  • Press call button
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen

This balance check will help determine if you need to recharge your prepaid account before subscribing to any monthly offer. Maintaining enough balance will allow seamless activation of the offer.

Alternatively, you can also dial *101# to check your number, *321# to check minutes, *456# to check SMS, and *123# to check data balance. Checking through multiple balance inquiry codes will provide a complete overview of your Ufone prepaid account.

Step 2: Dial the Activation Code

Dial the activation code for Ufone’s Monthly Facebook Offer for 2023

Once you have confirmed that your prepaid account has sufficient balance, you can proceed to activate the monthly Facebook offer by dialing the offer activation code.

The activation code for Ufone’s Monthly Facebook Offer 2023 is:


To subscribe:

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • Dial *5*373*1#
  • Press call button

Make sure to dial the code exactly as given above. This is a special USSD code for activating the monthly Facebook offer.

You will hear a confirmation tone upon dialing the code indicating that your request has been received. The Facebook offer will be activated instantly on your Ufone number.

This code directly activates the offer without the need to contact customer support or visit retail outlets. The ease of activating through the dialing code makes subscribing hassle-free.

Step 3: Confirmation Message

Wait for the confirmation message from Ufone

After subscribing to the monthly Facebook offer, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Ufone on your number.

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This message will confirm that the Facebook monthly bundle has been activated and the Rs. 50 fee has been deducted from your prepaid balance.

The confirmation SMS will typically contain details like:

  • Activation of Monthly Facebook Offer
  • Fee deduction of Rs. 50
  • Validity for 1 month
  • Instructions to dial code for deactivation

You may also get SMS alerts when the Facebook offer is renewed each month. This acts as a handy reminder and allows you to track your subscription.

If you do not get the confirmation message, you can dial the activation code again. Or contact Ufone customer support if the offer is not activated. Saving the confirmation SMS can also help as proof of your subscription.

Step 4: Enjoy the Offer

Access Facebook for the entire month with Ufone’s Monthly Facebook Offer for 2023

After receiving the confirmation SMS, you can start enjoying unlimited Facebook access on your Ufone number for the entire month.

Browsing Facebook, watching videos, sharing photos, using Facebook messenger will not consume your data volume or balance. You can seamlessly use Facebook without worrying about data charges.

The monthly Facebook bundle will auto-renew each month to provide continuous access. You can cancel the renewal by dialing the deactivation code if you no longer require the offer.

Some key points to remember:

  • The offer is valid for 1 month from activation date
  • It will auto-renew unless deactivated
  • Only works for Facebook access – other websites & apps will use data balance
  • Not valid on roaming

Using Facebook wisely during the validity period will allow you to maximize the offer and stay connected with your network without spending your main data balance.

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Step 5: Additional Information

Retailer code for activating the offer

In addition to the USSD activation code, Ufone’s monthly Facebook offer can also be subscribed through an alternate retailer code.

The retailer code for the Monthly Facebook Offer 2023 is:


This code can be dialed if you face any issues using the main activation code. The process to subscribe is the same:

  • Dial *920*3731#
  • Press call button
  • Confirmation SMS will be received

The retailer code directly activates the bundle through Ufone’s system. This provides an alternate method if needed.

Price of the offer

Ufone is offering the Monthly Facebook Offer for 2023 at a price of PKR 50 per month. This includes all taxes.

The Rs. 50 fee will be deducted from your prepaid balance upon first subscription through the activation code. It will then auto-renew each month on the subscription date.

This makes it an affordable monthly bundle for unlimited Facebook access. Compared to regular data charges, it provides great savings for frequent Facebook users.

Duration of the offer

The Monthly Facebook Offer 2023 from Ufone has a validity of 1 month from the day of activation.

You will be able to use Facebook without data deductions for the full month until 11:59pm on the last day of validity.

The bundle will then auto-renew for the next month to continue providing uninterrupted Facebook access. You can cancel renewal at any time by dialing the deactivation code.

To get maximum value, be sure to activate the offer early in the month to enjoy Facebook for the full 1 month validity period.

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