How To Get Free 5GB WhatsApp on Ufone Without Balance?

WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for many people in Pakistan. The ability to chat, call and share media with friends and family for free makes it very popular. However, mobile data costs can add up quickly when using WhatsApp. This is why Ufone’s free WhatsApp offer is so useful for its customers.

Getting 5GB of WhatsApp data every month at no cost allows Ufone users to stay connected even when their main balance runs out. For many, this free allocation is more than enough to meet their daily WhatsApp needs. Having free WhatsApp available despite having no balance provides great convenience and savings.

Some key benefits of the free WhatsApp offer from Ufone include:

  • Ability to chat, call and share media without worrying about data costs
  • Peace of mind knowing you can still communicate when balance runs out
  • Significant savings compared to paying for a regular data package
  • Convenience of having a separate allocation just for WhatsApp
  • Great way to stay in touch with loved ones on a budget

Overall, Ufone’s free WhatsApp offer gives users an invaluable service, especially for lower income segments who need to carefully manage their mobile spending. Having 5GB available for WhatsApp each month with no balance required makes a big difference.

How to Subscribe to Ufone Free WhatsApp Service

Subscribing to Ufone’s free WhatsApp offer is quick and easy. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Dial *987# from your Ufone number. This will open the package activation menu.
  2. Select option 1 – Social Packages.
  3. Next choose option 4 – Free WhatsApp.
  4. You will get a confirmation message saying you have subscribed to the free WhatsApp offer.

Once subscribed, you can immediately start using up to 5GB of WhatsApp data every month at no cost. Your free WhatsApp data will be separate from your main account balance. As long as you remain an active Ufone subscriber, the free WhatsApp offer will continue automatically every month.

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Duration and Limitations of Ufone Free WhatsApp Service

The free WhatsApp offer from Ufone provides up to 5GB of WhatsApp usage valid for one month. If you do not use up the full 5GB, any unused data does not carry over to the next month. The free WhatsApp allocation will simply renew at 5GB on your monthly anniversary date.

It is important to note there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • The free WhatsApp data can only be used for WhatsApp messaging, calls and media sharing. Using WhatsApp to browse the internet or external links will deduct from your main balance.
  • The free allocation is only for use within Pakistan. WhatsApp usage while roaming internationally will be charged.
  • You can only subscribe to the free WhatsApp offer by dialing *987# yourself. Ufone customer support cannot activate it for you.
  • If you already have an active WhatsApp package, you will need to unsubscribe from it first before availing the free offer.

As long as these limitations are kept in mind, the free WhatsApp offer from Ufone can provide great value each month.

Unsubscribing from Ufone Free WhatsApp Service

If you wish to unsubscribe from Ufone’s free WhatsApp offer, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *987# from your Ufone number.
  • Select option 2 – Package Removal.
  • Choose option 4 – Free WhatsApp.
  • You will get a message confirming the unsubscription.

Once unsubscribed, you will no longer have the free 5GB WhatsApp data allocation. Any unused data will be forfeited. You will now have to pay for WhatsApp usage as part of your main account balance or by subscribing to a paid WhatsApp package.

Benefits and Considerations of Unsubscribing from Ufone Free WhatsApp Service

There are some reasons you may want to unsubscribe from the free WhatsApp offer:

  • You don’t use WhatsApp often enough to justify the free allocation.
  • You want flexibility to subscribe to other Ufone data packages.
  • You are going abroad and want to avoid roaming charges.
  • You want to switch to using WhatsApp calls through a VoIP service.
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However, there are some things to consider before unsubscribing:

  • You will lose the 5GB free data you were getting every month.
  • WhatsApp usage will now deduct from your main balance.
  • You can always re-subscribe to the free offer later if needed.
  • Carefully review alternative packages first to choose the best value option.

Overall, assess your usage needs and preferences first before making a decision. The Ufone free WhatsApp offer provides great savings for most users.

Alternative Ways to Get Free WhatsApp on Ufone

If the 5GB free WhatsApp offer does not suit your needs, Ufone has some alternative internet packages that may work better:

  • Daily Light Internet Package: Get 50MB of data valid for 1 day for Rs 6.
  • Weekly Light Internet Package: Get 150MB of data valid for 7 days for Rs 18.
  • Monthly Light Internet Package: Get 500MB of data valid for 30 days for Rs 60.

While these packages do not provide free WhatsApp specifically, the data can be used however you want, including for WhatsApp. The duration and pricing may be more suitable depending on your usage habits.

Utilizing Ufone Weekly WhatsApp PackageUfone offers a weekly WhatsApp package that provides 500MB of data valid for 7 days. The cost is Rs 35. To subscribe: Dial *456# Select option 1 – WhatsApp Packages Choose option 1 again for Weekly WhatsApp Package. With this package you get a decent amount of WhatsApp data for an affordable weekly price. It can provide an alternative to the free 5GB monthly offer if you want more flexibility on duration.

Advantage of Ufone Free MB Code

Ufone sometimes provides a Free MB code as a promotional offer. When available, this code can be dialed to get free mobile data.

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For example, dialing *363*100# may provide 100MB free data with 3 day validity. This free data allocation can then be used for WhatsApp as needed.

To find out if Ufone currently has any Free MB code available, you can:

  • Check their website offers section
  • Follow their social media pages
  • Visit a customer service center
  • Call customer support hotline

Using a Free MB code when provided by Ufone allows you to get extra free data for WhatsApp and other usage as available.


Ufone’s free WhatsApp offer provides an extremely useful service for its customers, giving peace of mind to stay connected even with no main balance. Understanding how to subscribe, check usage, troubleshoot issues and unsubscribe as needed allows you to fully utilize this offer.

Exploring Ufone’s other internet packages and promos can also provide alternatives to get free WhatsApp access. With the right tricks and information, you can take advantage of cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your loved ones through WhatsApp on Ufone’s network.

The key takeaways are:

  • Subscribe by dialing *987# and selecting Free WhatsApp option
  • Get up to 5GB data every month for WhatsApp messaging and calls
  • Track your usage by dialing *620# or checking on UPaisa app
  • Troubleshoot any issues with customer support assistance
  • Consider weekly/daily bundles or promo codes for extra free data
  • Unsubscribe if going abroad or want more flexibility

With the right settings and subscriptions activated, Ufone users can unlock the full potential of free WhatsApp access. Follow this guide to maximize savings and take your communication experience to the next level!

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