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Ufone Damdaar Lahore Offer 2023

Ufone, a leading telecom network in Pakistan, has introduced an enticing package for its prepaid users in Lahore, known as the Damdaar Lahore Offer. This regional offer is part of Ufone’s strategy to provide customized packages for different regions of Pakistan, catering to both urban and rural areas.

Ufone Damdaar Lahore Offer

The Damdaar Lahore Offer is specifically designed for the residents of Lahore, often referred to as the “City of Gardens”. The offer can be activated by dialing *4466# from any prepaid Ufone number. It is valid for seven days and costs only 90 rupees, making it an affordable choice for many users.

Offer Name:Damdaar Lahore
Total Data:23GB
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes:500 Mins
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 90

23GB Internet Distribution

One of the most attractive features of this offer is the generous data allowance. Subscribers receive up to 23GB of internet data, divided into two categories. There is 3GB of general internet data for browsing, downloading, and uploading, while the remaining 20GB is allocated for social media usage on WhatsApp and TikTok. This distribution caters to the growing trend of social media usage, particularly among the younger demographic.

Enjoy Unlimited Fun

In addition to the internet data, the Damdaar Lahore Offer also includes 500 off-network minutes, unlimited SMS, and unlimited on-network minutes. However, a fair usage policy applies to the unlimited SMS and on-network minutes, with a cap at 5000 for each.

The offer can be checked online using the Ufone App, providing convenience and ease of access for users. All taxes are included in the price of the offer, and there is no need to load or recharge more than the given amount unless there is an outstanding balance from a previous loan.


Ufone’s Damdaar Lahore Offer provides a comprehensive package for its prepaid users in Lahore, offering substantial internet data, call minutes, and SMS at an affordable price. Its regional focus and customization make it a standout offer in the telecom market.

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