Ufone Conference Call Code 2023 – Start 5 in 1 Mutual Call

Conference calls have revolutionized the way businesses communicate, making it possible to connect multiple people across different geographies. It has eliminated the need for physical meetings, thus saving time and resources while providing the same level of engagement and interaction.

Through conference calls, teams can brainstorm ideas, discuss strategies, make quick decisions, and even conduct training sessions. They are especially beneficial for businesses with remote employees or those that work across different time zones.

Benefits of Using Ufone for Conference Calls

Ufone, with its robust network and affordable packages, makes an excellent choice for conference calls. As a Ufone subscriber, you can enjoy seamless voice quality, uninterrupted connectivity, and the ability to add multiple participants to your call. Their customer support is also top-notch, ready to assist you at any time.

Moreover, Ufone offers a variety of call packages tailored for both individual and business use, ensuring that you always find a plan that fits your needs and budget. The ease of activating and managing conference calls on Ufone adds to its appeal for many users.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activate Conference Call on Ufone

Step 1: Dial the Activation Code

To start a conference call on Ufone, you first need to activate this feature. This is done by dialing a specific activation code. Simply dial *331# from your Ufone number, and you will receive a confirmation message stating that the conference call feature has been activated.

Step 2: Add Participants to the Call

Once the conference call feature is activated, you can start adding participants. To do so, first make a call to one of the participants. Once they answer, press the ‘Add Call’ button on your screen and dial the next participant’s number. Repeat this process until all desired participants have been added.

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Please note that the maximum number of participants you can add to a Ufone conference call is five. Also, ensure that all participants are available at the scheduled time to avoid any disruptions during the call.

Step 3: Manage the Conference Call

Muting and Unmuting Participants

During the conference call, you may need to mute or unmute participants. Most smartphones have this feature integrated into their calling interface. Look for the ‘Mute’ icon, usually represented by a microphone with a line through it. Tap on this icon to mute or unmute a participant.

Ending the Conference Call

To end the conference call, simply press the ‘End Call’ button. This will disconnect all participants from the call. However, if you wish to disconnect only one participant, click on their name or number and select ‘End Call’.

Conference Call Activation Codes for Other Networks

Zong Conference Call Activation Code

If you’re a Zong user, you can activate conference call by dialing *333#. A confirmation message will be sent to your number, indicating successful activation.

Telenor Conference Call Activation Code

Telenor users can enable conference calls by dialing *345#. After dialing this code, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your mobile screen.

Jazz Conference Call Activation Code

For Jazz users, the conference call activation code is *188#. Dial this code and wait for the confirmation message to ensure that the feature has been activated.

Ufone Helpline for Conference Call Assistance

If you face any issues while setting up a conference call or if you have any queries related to this service, you can contact the Ufone helpline by dialing 333 from your Ufone number. The customer service staff is available round the clock to assist you.

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Ufone Call Packages for Conference Calls

Ufone offers a range of call packages designed to cater to different user needs. These packages come with various benefits like free minutes, SMS, and internet data. You can choose a package according to your usage requirements and budget. For more details on the available packages, visit the Ufone website or contact their helpline.

Ufone Advance Code for Prepaid Users

If you’re a prepaid user and running low on balance, Ufone provides an advance balance service. You can avail this service by dialing *456# from your Ufone number. The advanced amount will be deducted from your next recharge.

Ufone Balance Check Code

To check your remaining balance, you can dial *124# from your Ufone number. Your current balance will then be displayed on your mobile screen.


Conference calls have become a vital part of business communication, fostering collaboration and decision-making while saving time and resources. Ufone, with its robust network and affordable packages, is an excellent choice for making conference calls. This guide has provided comprehensive steps on how to activate and manage conference calls on Ufone, as well as similar processes for other networks. Always remember, effective communication is the key to successful business operations.

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