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Ufone’s Call Divert and Call Forwarding Services

Ufone, a popular telecommunications service provider, offers its users a unique feature known as the Call Divert or Call Forwarding service. This service is essentially a tool that allows users to redirect incoming calls to another number of their choice. It is particularly useful for those who want to avoid receiving calls from certain numbers, whether they are known or unknown.

Ufone Call Divert Code

To activate this service, users need to dial a specific code, which is **004#Number#. In this code, ‘Number’ refers to the phone number where the user wants the incoming calls to be redirected. For instance, if a user wishes to divert calls to the number 0331-1234567, they would dial **004#03311234567#. Once this is done, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the chosen number instead of the original one.

Service Name:Ufone Call
Divert Service
Ufone Divert Code:**004#Number#
Ufone Divert UNSUB:##004#

The Ufone Call Divert or Call Forwarding service is primarily available for prepaid subscribers. However, it’s important to note that this service can only be activated on prepaid SIM cards. The cost of this service is fixed and it remains valid for a lifetime.

How To Check Ufone Forwarding Service?

Users can also check the status of their Call Divert service by dialing the same activation code. Each inquiry costs Rs 0.10 paisa. Alternatively, users can contact the Ufone helpline service to inquire about the list of numbers added to the forwarding service.

Unsubscribe Ufone Call Forwarding?

Deactivating the service is equally straightforward. Users can either use the Ufone official app or dial ##004# to unsubscribe from the Ufone Call Divert service. They can also call the helpline at 0331-1333100 and request the agent to remove the Call Divert and Call Forwarding services from their number.

Use Call Divert (Forwarding) through Phone Settings

Interestingly, Ufone also allows users to add any number to the call forwarding service through their mobile settings. This method is free of cost and doesn’t charge money while using the divert service.


Ufone Call Divert and Call Forwarding services offer a convenient way for users to manage their incoming calls. Whether they want to avoid unwanted calls or ensure they don’t miss important ones when they’re unavailable, these services provide a practical solution.

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