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Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package: A Comprehensive Deal for Rs 87

Telenor, a leading telecom company in Pakistan, has introduced an all-inclusive package known as the Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package. This package is a comprehensive solution for users who require a blend of internet, SMS, and call minutes. The term ‘Hybrid’ in the telecom industry refers to packages that offer a combination of different services, and this package is no exception.

For a nominal price of Rs 87, the Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package offers 3GB of internet data, 1500 SMS, 1500 On-Net Minutes (for calls within the Telenor network), and 80 Off-Net Minutes (for calls to other networks). To activate this package, users need to dial *345*79#. However, it’s important to note that while the package costs Rs 87, users are required to load or recharge Rs 100 due to the application of GST, AIT, and FED taxes.

Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package

This package, also known as the Telenor 7 Day Hybrid Offer, is a recent introduction and has quickly gained popularity among prepaid Telenor users. However, there is a catch – this package can only be activated on SIM cards purchased within the last 90 days. This makes it an exclusive offer for new Telenor users.

Offer Name:Weekly Hybrid
On-Net:1500 Min
Off-Net:80 Min
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 87
Subscribe Code:*345*79#

The Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package stands out in the market due to its comprehensive nature. Once activated, users don’t need to worry about subscribing to separate call, SMS, or internet packages for a week. It’s a one-stop solution for all communication needs.

To subscribe to this package, users can either dial the activation code, use the Telenor App, or visit the official Telenor website. With its wide range of services and affordable price, the Telenor Weekly Hybrid Package is indeed a game-changer in the telecom industry.

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