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Telenor Stop Clock Offer Rs 3.50 Per Call Upto 60 Minutes

Telenor, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, has recently introduced an innovative and cost-effective offer for its prepaid users. The offer, aptly named “Stop the Clock,” allows Telenor users to make calls to any Telenor number for up to 60 minutes at a fixed rate of just 3.50 rupees.

Telenor Stop the Clock Offer

The concept behind this offer is simple yet effective. In Pakistan, people often choose their network based on the majority of contacts they have on that particular network. For those who have a significant number of contacts using Telenor, this offer provides an affordable solution for long-duration calls. Whether it’s for personal conversations with friends and family or business-related discussions, the Stop the Clock offer caters to all types of long-duration calls.

Offer Name:Stop The
Clock Offer
Per Call Minutes:60 Minutes
Per Call Charges:Rs 3.50
Subscribe Code:Auto-Subscribe

Pay For A Minute & Talk For An Hour

One of the unique aspects of this offer is its simplicity and ease of use. There is no need for an activation code or a complex subscription process. Users simply need to recharge their SIM and dial a Telenor number. The system will automatically charge 3.50 rupees and provide the user with 60 minutes to call on that line. It’s important to note that a nominal call setup fee of 15 paisa is also charged by Telenor.

The Stop the Clock offer has been well-received by users, quickly becoming a trending choice among prepaid users. The offer’s slogan, “Pay For A Minute & Talk For An Hour,” perfectly encapsulates its value proposition. Users only pay for the first minute of the call, and the remaining 59 minutes are essentially free.

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Telenor’s Stop the Clock offer is a game-changer for prepaid users in Pakistan. By providing an hour-long call at the price of a single minute, Telenor is not only making communication more affordable but also ensuring that its users can stay connected with their loved ones and manage their businesses effectively without worrying about call charges.

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