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Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code in 2023

Telenor, a leading telecommunications company, offers a unique feature known as Smart Tune. This service allows users to set a personalized tune that callers hear when they dial the user’s number. The tune could be a song, poetry, rhymes, or any other sound that reflects the user’s personality, culture, or mood. However, there may come a time when a user wishes to unsubscribe from this service. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to deactivate the Telenor Smart Tune service.

The Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code is a simple and effective way to deactivate the service. There are three primary methods to unsubscribe from the Smart Tune service. Firstly, users can send an SMS with the text “USUB” to the code 230. Secondly, users can dial *230*001# directly from their Telenor number. Lastly, users can dial *710#, reply with 7 to open the Smart Tune menu, and then reply with 2 to turn off the Smart Tune service.

Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code

It’s important to note that the deactivation code is only valid for unsubscribing from the Smart Tune service. Once the process is completed, users will receive a notification confirming the deactivation of the service. The unsubscription charges are minimal, costing only PKR 0.05.

Despite its popularity, the Smart Tune service can sometimes cause instability for subscribers. In such cases, deactivating the service can resolve the issue. Whether you’re tired of your current caller tune or simply wish to switch things up, the Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code provides a straightforward solution.

3 UNSUB Tricks:Codes:
Unsub Telenor Smart Tune via SMS:SMS “USUB” to 230
Unsub Telenor Smart Tune via Code:Dial *230*001#
Deactivate using the menu Code:Dial *710# > 7 > 2
UNSUB Charges:PKR 0.05

Remember, if you encounter any difficulties while trying to unsubscribe, Telenor’s customer care helpline is available at 1700. They can assist with any issues related to the Smart Tune service, including activation, deactivation, and setting a desired tune.


Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code offers an easy and efficient way to deactivate the Smart Tune service. With just a few simple steps, users can unsubscribe from the service and return to the standard ringtone.

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