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Telenor PUBG Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023 (Updated)

In response to the growing popularity of the online battlefield game, PUBG, among the younger generation in Pakistan, Telenor and other networks have introduced new offers specifically designed for this game. These offers, known as “Telenor PUBG Packages,” are available with daily, weekly, and monthly validity.

Playing PUBG on Telenor has become a seamless experience due to the superior speed of Telenor’s 4G network. This network is particularly beneficial for those residing in the northern areas of Pakistan, where Telenor provides better internet coverage.

Telenor PUBG Packages

The Telenor PUBG Packages for 2023 are divided into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly. For those who play PUBG around the clock, the daily internet package is recommended. However, for an enhanced gaming experience, players can opt for either the 7-day or 30-day PUBG bundle. Each of these bundles comes with different codes and prices.

Telenor PUBG Daily

For instance, the daily PUBG offer, named “1.5GB Daily,” provides users with 1500 MBs (1.5GB) for 12 hours from 12 AM to 12 PM at a cost of Rs 18. The activation code for this offer is *150#.

Offer Name:1.5GB Daily
Price:Rs 18
Validity:12 Hours:
Timing:12 AM-12 PM

Weekly PUBG Bundles

The weekly PUBG package, “8GB Weekly,” offers 8000 MBs for the game at a price of PKR 185, valid for 7 days. The activation code for this package is *336#.

Offer Name:8GB Weekly
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 185
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Monthly PUBG Bundles

The monthly PUBG package, “100GB Monthly,” provides 100GB from 11 PM to 12 PM for Rs 180. The activation code for this monthly internet bundle is *29#.

Offer Name:100GB Monthly
Price:Rs 180
Validity:12 Hours:
Timing:11 AM – 12 PM

These packages are prepaid, and no additional charges apply. Users can check their remaining MBs by dialing *999#. Subscriptions to these bundles can be made using the provided codes.

Enjoy Battlefield

PUBG is a game that requires a strong internet connection due to its online shooting, war, and fighting elements. Telenor’s PUBG packages provide the necessary robust internet connection, whether you are in the city or a village.

Moreover, these packages also contribute to improving a player’s status in the game. As per the game’s rules, players who complete missions receive a rank of the day, and those with the best internet connection are more likely to stay connected to the game and earn this rank.

Please note that these packages are subject to terms and conditions. For more details and FAQs, please visit the official Telenor website or app.

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