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Telenor Night Internet Packages 2023 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Having access to affordable and reliable internet has become an essential need in today’s digital world. Whether you are a student, professional, or just someone who likes to stay connected, having internet on your phone can make life so much easier.

Telenor, one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, offers some great nighttime internet packages for its prepaid customers. Their night packages allow you to enjoy unlimited high-speed internet between 12 AM to 12 PM at very reasonable rates. If you frequently use the internet late at night when data rates are low, Telenor’s nighttime bundles are worth checking out.

Choose the Right Telenor Night Internet Package

With so many nighttime internet options to choose from, picking the right package can be confusing. However, taking the time to select the bundle that caters best to your needs and usage is important.

Here are some benefits of choosing the optimal Telenor night internet package for your requirements:

  • Saves money – Night packages are very competitively priced, letting you save on daily internet costs.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity – You can stay online throughout the night without worrying about data balance.
  • Faster speeds – With less traffic congestion, nighttime internet is often faster.
  • No data wastage – You only pay for what you use during 12am-12pm.
  • Convenience – Stay connected late night when you need it without paying for daytime data.

So take some time to figure out your usage – whether you need internet for just one night or for a week or a month. This will help you identify the most suitable and affordable Telenor night bundle.

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Telenor Internet Packages Overview

Telenor offers nighttime packages valid for 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days. The longer the validity, the more economic the package is. Let’s look at what’s on offer:

1 Day Internet Package

This bundle from Telenor gives you unlimited internet between 12am-12pm for just one day. It is ideal for occasional or one-time internet needs at night. The 1-day night package includes:

  • Price: Rs. 12 + tax
  • Validity: 1 day (12am – 12pm)
  • Data limit: Unlimited
  • Speed: Up to 15Mbps

7 Days Internet Package

For users who regularly need nighttime internet during weekdays or weekends, the 7-day package is a cost-effective option. Details of this weekly bundle are:

  • Price: Rs. 70 + tax
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Data limit: Unlimited (12am-12pm daily)
  • Speed: Up to 15Mbps

30 Days Internet Package

Heavy nighttime data users can benefit the most from Telenor’s monthly bundle that offers unlimited late night internet for 30 days. Here are the specs:

  • Price: Rs. 200 + tax
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Data limit: Unlimited (12am-12pm daily)
  • Speed: Up to 15Mbps

This monthly package provides the maximum savings compared to daily night bundles.

How to Activate Telenor Night Internet Packages

Activating Telenor’s nighttime internet bundles is quick and simple. You can subscribe through dialing codes or the Telenor app/website.

Dialing Codes for Telenor Internet Packages

Just dial these codes from your Telenor number to activate the preferred night package:

  • 1-day package: *345*87#
  • 7-day package: *345*131#
  • 30-day package: *345*230#

Steps to Activate Telenor 12pm to 12am Internet Package

  • Dial *345*87# from your Telenor number
  • Confirm by pressing 1
  • The 1-day night internet bundle will be activated
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Steps to Activate Telenor Daily 24 Hours Internet Package

  • Open Telenor app or visit website
  • Go to Bundle section
  • Choose ‘Night Internet Bundle’
  • Select option for 1-day validity
  • Proceed to pay Rs. 12 + tax
  • Bundle will be activated for next 24 hours

Steps to Activate Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

  • Dial *345*131# from your Telenor number
  • Follow prompt to confirm activation
  • 7-day night internet bundle will be activated
  • You can re-subscribe after 7 days to continue

Steps to Activate Telenor Weekly Internet Package in 100 Rupees

  • Go to Telenor website or app
  • Choose ‘Internet’ option
  • Select ‘Night Internet Weekly’ bundle
  • Proceed to pay Rs. 100 via registered payment method
  • Night bundle valid for 7 days will be activated

That’s it! You can now enjoy seamless late night connectivity on Telenor’s network.

Maximize Your Telenor Night Internet Experience

Here are some tips to help you make the most of Telenor’s nighttime internet bundles:

Monitor your data usage

Keep an eye on your data consumption during the night to ensure you’re not overusing. Telenor offers unlimited data but heavy usage can slow down speeds.

Optimize your device settings for better internet speed

Enable WiFi for faster connectivity or switch to Telenor 4G if you face slow speeds at night. Also check for device software updates.

Take advantage of free streaming and social media offers

Many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. have deals with Telenor for free nighttime access. Make the most of these.

Check for any additional benefits or discounts available

Telenor routinely offers discounted night bundles or bonuses like extra late night data. Check their website for latest promotions.

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Telenor’s nighttime internet packages offer a cost-effective way to stay connected late at night without worrying about your data balance. Their night bundles provide unlimited high-speed data from 12am-12pm at very affordable rates.

Whether you need occasional night internet access or a regular nighttime data plan, Telenor has a package to meet your needs. The daily, weekly and monthly bundles provide great value and convenience.

Activating the night packages is quick and easy through the Telenor website, app or dialing codes. And you can optimize your experience further with smart data usage, device settings and utilizing free streaming offers.

So why wait? Choose the optimal Telenor night internet bundle as per your requirements and enjoy seamless and economical connectivity throughout the late night hours. The unlimited data will let you surf, stream, chat or work without interruption.

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