Telenor Network Problem 2023 | Why Telenor Network Down Today?

In 2023, Telenor, one of the largest telecom networks in Pakistan, experienced a significant network problem that affected its users across the country. This issue was not confined to a specific area but was widespread, causing disruptions in both urban and remote areas where Telenor is often the only functioning network.

Telenor Call Service Down

The network problem manifested in various ways. Users reported issues with signal coverage, with some areas experiencing complete blockage. This was particularly noticeable when one part of a city would have no signal, while another part would have normal service. The cause of this issue was identified as a temporary failure of Telenor’s towers, which were expected to resume normal function within a few hours.

Another major issue was the disruption of Telenor’s 4G and LTE services, which resulted in slow internet speeds. Users were still able to access 3G data, but the reduced speed significantly impacted their online activities.

Telenor Internet 3G/4G Issue

The network problem also affected Telenor’s call service. Users reported difficulties making calls, with the service being disturbed even before the signal blockage occurred. This was attributed to ongoing work on the network lines aimed at strengthening the telephone signals for clearer audio during calls.

Telenor attributed these network problems to a combination of natural and technical causes. Areas that had recently experienced heavy rain or storms were particularly affected. However, technical issues also played a significant role in the network downtime.

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Area Coverage Blockage

In response to these issues, Telenor provided several tips and methods for users to try and resolve the signal problems at home. These included checking the Telenor SIM and slot, changing their position to check signal strength in other areas, and using other call services in case of emergencies.

Co-Operate For Better Service

Despite these challenges, Telenor assured its users that these problems were temporary and were being addressed. The company was undertaking network improvement operations, including refreshing telephone lines and checking 4G and LTE services. While the exact time for the resolution of these issues was not confirmed, Telenor expected the network to be fully functional within a few hours.

Basic Causes of Network Down

During this period, Telenor urged its subscribers to cooperate and be patient, assuring them that all efforts were being made to restore normal service. The company also encouraged users to use the Telenor App for better guidance during this period.


While the Telenor network problem in 2023 caused significant disruptions, it was a temporary issue that the company worked diligently to resolve. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust and reliable telecom networks, particularly in a digital age where connectivity is crucial.

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