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Telenor Make Your Own Offer 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor Pakistan has introduced an exciting new feature for its customers called “Make Your Own Offer” which allows users to create personalized mobile plans based on their specific needs. This gives customers the flexibility to tailor their mobile usage packages with customized combinations of minutes, texts, and mobile data.

The “Make Your Own Offer” feature is available through Telenor Pakistan’s mobile app and website. After selecting the option, users can choose from various Telenor prepaid and postpaid plans and mix and match the exact amounts of minutes, texts, and mobile data they require. For example, you can create an offer with more minutes and less data or vice versa. There are options for daily, weekly, and monthly validity periods.

Once customers have crafted their ideal offer, they simply need to generate a code and activate it. This code essentially contains all the customized details of their personalized mobile plan. After activation, users can start enjoying their tailored Telenor offer immediately. The process is quick, convenient, and gives customers complete control.

Benefits of creating a personalized offer for your needs

There are many excellent benefits of using Telenor’s “Make Your Own Offer” feature to create a customized mobile plan:

  • Cost savings – You only pay for what you need. No more wasting money on unused minutes, texts or data.
  • Flexibility – Mix and match exactly what you want in your ideal mobile plan.
  • Convenience – The process is simple through the app or website.
  • Control – You decide the amounts and validity period; complete customization.
  • Ideal for frequent travelers – Tailor plans for trips with more data.
  • Great for low usage – Minimize costs with lower amounts.
  • Peace of mind – No bill shocks or overages with personalized plans.

Overall, Telenor’s new “Make Your Own Offer” feature puts you in control and allows you to pay only for the resources you actually need. It’s the ideal way to create mobile plans that fit your lifestyle and usage.

Step 1: Understanding the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Options

One of the great things about Telenor’s “Make Your Own Offer” feature is that it provides the flexibility to choose between daily, weekly and monthly validity periods. Here is a quick overview of each option:

  • Daily Offers – These provide resources like minutes, texts and mobile data that renew each day. Unused amounts do not carry over. Ideal for short term needs.
  • Weekly Offers – Resources renew on a weekly basis on the day of activation. Great for predictable weekly usage patterns.
  • Monthly Offers – The most common validity period. Resources renew monthly on the activation date. Best for regular monthly mobile requirements.
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So in summary, daily plans reset each day, weekly plans reset each week on activation day, and monthly plans reset each month on activation day. Understanding these validity periods allows you to choose the right option for your needs.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Offer for Your Usage

Assess your daily, weekly, and monthly usage needs

Now that you understand the basics of the daily, weekly and monthly options, it’s time to assess your actual usage habits to determine the resources you need:

  • Analyze your mobile usage for the past 3 months to estimate averages.
  • How many minutes do you use on average each day/week/month?
  • How many text messages do you normally send in a day/week/month?
  • How much mobile data do you typically use per day/week/month?
  • Are there fluctuations in your usage? More on weekends? When traveling?
  • Do you need more resources certain weeks of the month?

Monitoring your usage closely will provide the insights you need to create your tailored Telenor offer. If you already have a Telenor number, you can find detailed usage statistics in your account. For new customers, analyze usage on your current provider.

Analyzing available offers and their features

Once you know your estimated usage requirements, the next step is analyzing what resources are available in the various Telenor prepaid and postpaid offers:

  • Browse plans on the Telenor website or app to view available offers.
  • Make note of the minute, text, and data amounts in each offer.
  • Compare rates for calls, SMS, and MB of data in different plans.
  • Look for deals, bonuses, or discounts that can optimize savings.
  • Consider add-ons like roaming packs, if required.
  • Choose top contenders that align closely with your usage needs.

This research will reveal which Telenor offers provide the best resources to meet your specific requirements. You may need to mix and match from multiple offers to create your perfect combo.

Selecting the best plan based on your requirements

With your estimated usage numbers and analysis of Telenor offers complete, you can now select your ideal personalized plan:

  • Start by choosing the validity period (daily, weekly, monthly) that suits your needs.
  • Select the base offer that most closely aligns with your usage for that period.
  • Tweak the amounts of minutes, texts and data to match your exact requirements.
  • Review the total cost and ensure it fits your budget.
  • Double check that the resources provided are adequate for your usage needs.
  • Make any final adjustments to optimize the plan.
  • Choose add-ons like roaming packs if needed.
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Following this process will allow you to create a tailored Telenor offer with the perfect amounts of minutes, texts and data for your daily, weekly or monthly requirements. Be sure to triple check everything before activating your personalized mobile plan.

Step 3: Activating Your Personalized Telenor Offer

Accessing the Telenor offer activation menu

Once you have chosen your ideal customized Telenor offer, it’s time to activate it. Here is how to access the offer activation menu:

  • Open the Telenor Pakistan app or visit the Telenor website.
  • Log in to your Telenor account.
  • Go to the “Make Your Own Offer” feature.
  • Build your personalized offer by selecting resources and validity period.
  • When finished, click the “Generate Offer” button.
  • A unique code will be created for your custom offer.
  • Choose the “Activate Offer” option.

This will open the activation screen where you can enter the unique code and start enjoying your tailored Telenor offer!

Inputting the appropriate code for your chosen offer

On the activation screen you will see an input field for entering the special offer code:

  • Carefully type or copy-paste your unique code into the field.
  • Double and triple check that the code matches the one generated for your offer.
  • Make sure the code is entered correctly with no typos or errors.
  • The code field will recognize the format and details of your offer code.
  • Don’t activate any random or unknown codes, only your specific one.

Entering the proper offer code carefully is crucial for activating your personalized Telenor mobile plan correctly. Take your time and be extremely precise here.

Confirming the activation and receiving a confirmation message

After entering your unique offer code, complete the activation process:

  • The app/website will verify the code is valid.
  • Carefully review activation details like amounts and validity period.
  • Make absolutely sure all details match what you created.
  • If everything looks good, complete activation by confirming.
  • You will get an on-screen confirmation message.
  • You will also receive an SMS confirming activation.
  • Your new resources can now be used immediately.
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Be sure to review the confirmation messages closely and verify your new personalized offer is properly activated before use. You are now ready to start enjoying your tailored Telenor plan!

Step 4: Checking and Managing Your Personalized Offer

Using the Telenor check code to review your current offer details

Telenor makes it easy to check your activated offer details any time using the check offer code:

  • In the Telenor app or website, go to “Make Your Own Offer”.
  • Select the “Check Offer” option.
  • Enter your unique offer code again here.
  • It will display details like minutes, texts, data.
  • You can see resources used and amounts remaining.
  • This lets you monitor your activated offer as needed.

Checking your offer code periodically is a great way to keep tabs on your personalized plan usage and ensure you don’t overuse resources accidentally.

Modifying or extending your offer if needed

One of the advantages of Telenor’s customized offers is the ability to modify or extend them as required:

  • If your needs change, you can create a new offer using the steps discussed earlier.
  • Activate the new code once generated to override your existing plan.
  • You can also extend an existing offer before it expires by generating a new code with same details and activating it.
  • This seamlessly extends your current resources without disruption.
  • Modify amounts or validity period in the new code as needed when extending.
  • Remember to check the offer code to confirm changes are activated.

Having the flexibility to adjust your personalized offer on the fly is a useful benefit of Telenor’s platform. Just be sure to activate any changes correctly.

Keeping track of your usage and remaining balance

To maximize a personalized offer, it’s important to closely track usage and remaining balances:

  • Check your offer code regularly to view resources used and remaining.
  • Set usage alerts on the Telenor app to avoid surprises.
  • Modify or extend your offer if needed before balances expire.
  • Consider add-ons or data boosters to supplement resources.
  • Change your usage habits if you are consuming resources too quickly.

Careful monitoring ensures you always know where you stand with your customized mobile plan. Adjust it as required to align with your usage patterns.

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