Telenor Conference Call Code, Price & Detail 2023

Telenor is a major telecommunications company that offers conference call services to business customers in Pakistan. Their conference call solutions allow for seamless audio conferencing to connect groups across any device. Some key features of Telenor’s conferencing services include:

  • Instant and easy conference call setup
  • Local dial-in numbers for access from Pakistan
  • Call recording options
  • Conference call controls for hosts
  • Secure pin codes for private access
  • Scalability for calls with up to 96 participants
  • Toll-free numbers for global conferencing
  • International dial-in numbers for global access
  • Compatibility with landlines and mobile devices
  • Online account management portal

Telenor offers both pay-per-use and monthly subscription plans to meet the needs of different businesses. Their conference call platform provides a reliable and high-quality conferencing experience.

Telenor Conference Call Code, Price & Detail 2023

Description of Telenor Conference Call Code

The Telenor conference call code is a unique pin code that is needed to access and control conference calls set up through Telenor’s audio conferencing service. Companies that sign up for a Telenor conferencing plan are provided with their own dedicated conference call code. This acts as a host pin that gives call hosts the ability to start, manage, and secure conference call sessions.

The Telenor conference code usually contains 4-6 digits or characters. When scheduling a conference call through Telenor, this code needs to be specified so that it can be configured for that particular call. Call hosts then provide the code to participants so they can dial-in and join the conference. By entering the correct conference code, participants will get connected to the right conference call.

The main purpose of the Telenor conference call code is to prevent unauthorized access to conference calls. It adds a layer of security and privacy, ensuring that only invited participants who have the code can join each call. The code essentially acts like a password, keeping the conference line secure.

Pricing Details for Telenor Conference Calls

Telenor offers flexible and competitive pricing plans for their conference call services. They have pay-per-use and monthly subscription options to accommodate different business needs.

For pay-per-use, Telenor charges PKR 1.99 per minute per participant. This means each participant is billed PKR 1.99 for every minute they are on the conference call. There are no monthly fees or minimum commitments with pay-per-use.

Monthly conference call plans start from PKR 3,000 per month. This includes a certain number of minutes bundled per month, after which overage is billed at discounted per-minute rates. The higher the monthly fee, the more included minutes. Other charges like call recording, toll-free access, dial-out to participants etc. may also apply.

Telenor also offers toll-free conferencing which allows participants to dial-in for free. With toll-free plans, the business account owner pays for all participant toll charges instead of individual callers. Rates depend on usage and location.

Overall, Telenor provides affordable conference call rates with the flexibility to select the right pricing model based on a company’s conferencing needs and budget.

Benefits and Features of Telenor Conference Call Service

There are many valuable benefits and features that come with using Telenor’s conferencing service for your business calls:

  • No expensive conferencing equipment needed – Telenor’s service is fully hosted, so you don’t need to purchase hardware.
  • Reservationless calling – Calls can be started instantly without needing to book or schedule in advance.
  • Scalability for up to 96 participants – Large conference calls can easily be accommodated.
  • Recording options – Calls can be recorded for future reference or to share with absent participants.
  • Mute/unmute controls – Hosts can mute or unmute participants as required during the call.
  • Security pin codes – Private access to prevent uninvited callers from joining.
  • Dial-out to participants – Call hosts can dial out to bring participants on to the call.
  • International dial-in numbers – Enables global conferencing capabilities.
  • Online account management – Change settings, review usage, and access reports through the portal.
  • High call quality on any device – Excellent audio experience on smartphones, landlines, laptops, etc.
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With these features and benefits, Telenor’s conferencing solutions enable productive and efficient collaboration for today’s remote teams.

How to Unsubscribe from Telenor Conference Call Service

Step-by-Step Guide to Unsubscribe from Telenor Conference Call Service

If you wish to cancel your Telenor conference call subscription, you can easily unsubscribe by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Telenor conference call account online at
  • Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Subscription’.
  • Here you will see details of your active conference call plan. Click on ‘Unsubscribe’ to cancel the auto-renewal.
  • You will get a confirmation message – click ‘Yes’ to confirm the unsubscription.
  • Your conference call subscription will be cancelled at the end of your current billing cycle.
  • You can continue using the service until it expires. At renewal, it will not be auto-charged again.
  • For immediate termination, call the Telenor helpline at 111-345-100 to request cancellation.

Once unsubscribed, your account will be changed to pay-per-use. You can still schedule conference calls on-demand and just pay per minute without a monthly fee.

Cancel Telenor Conference Call Subscription

Here are some useful tips to make cancelling your Telenor conference calling subscription smooth and hassle-free:

  • Review account usage and billing details before deciding to cancel so you select the right plan going forward.
  • Downgrade instead of completely cancelling if you still need basic conferencing features on a lighter usage plan.
  • Unsubscribe at least 1 week before renewal date so the request is processed in time.
  • Confirm the cancellation by email or SMS notice from Telenor for your records.
  • Consider porting your conference call number to take it with you to another provider.
  • Download past call reports or recordings since you may lose access post-cancellation.
  • Cancel any add-ons like recording or dial-out service along with the main plan.
  • Check if you have any remaining account credits to use up before the plan expires.
  • Change the conference call PIN code if you want to reuse it with a new provider.

Notifying participants, updating business materials with new conferencing details, and testing a new service beforehand will also help manage the transition smoothly when cancelling your Telenor conference call subscription.

Telenor Conference Call Code for Pakistan

Information on Telenor Conference Call Code for Pakistan

For companies and individuals based in Pakistan, signing up for a Telenor conferencing account provides access to a unique conference call code that enables audio conferencing within the country.

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The Telenor conference call code for Pakistan is a 4 to 6 digit numeric PIN that is assigned when setting up a new account. It serves as the host code that call organizers use to start and manage conference calls.

This conference ID pin acts as the key that provides access to Telenor’s local and toll-free dial-in numbers for Pakistan. By entering their assigned code, users can instantly initiate conference calls with Pakistani participants without needing to book or schedule them in advance.

The Pakistan conference call code can be used for recurring conference calls by providing the same code to participants each time. It helps identify the right virtual “room” for callers to join. Telenor provides unique codes to ensure privacy for each business client.

The conference call PIN for Pakistan also enables hosts to control conference call features like recording, muting participants, dialing out to add callers, and locking the call. Overall, it delivers a full-featured conferencing solution for Pakistani businesses and teams.

Using Telenor Conference Call Code in Pakistan

Here is a step-by-step guide on using your Telenor conference call PIN in Pakistan:

  • Provide participants with the Pakistan dial-in number and your unique Telenor conference code.
  • At the scheduled time, dial the Telenor number yourself to initiate the call.
  • Enter your assigned conference pin when prompted.
  • Remain on the line as participants start joining the conference call.
  • Manage call features like recording, muting, etc. using host controls.
  • Lock the conference call once all participants have joined.
  • End the call by hanging up once your meeting is finished.

By following these simple instructions, you can easily leverage Telenor’s reliable conferencing service for your business collaboration needs within Pakistan.

Free Conference Call Options with Telenor

Free Conference Call Options with Telenor

Telenor offers certain conferencing solutions that provide free access for participants, with the account owner covering the costs:

  • Toll-free conferencing – Participants can dial-in using Telenor’s toll-free number at no cost to them.
  • Dial-out – The host can dial-out to participants and absorb dial-out charges.
  • 1- 1-click conferencing – Pre-scheduled recurring calls can be configured for instant, free access using a permanent dial-in number and code.
  • Freemium trial – A limited free trial with a set allowance of minutes is offered for new users to try the service.
  • Promotional offers – Free minutes, dial-out credits or other promotional incentives may be offered for limited periods.

These options allow businesses to provide conference calling access to their employees, customers, or partners without participants incurring any usage costs. The account owner covers the network charges based on their conferencing plan.

Steps to Access Free Conference Call Service with Telenor

If you want to utilize Telenor’s free conference calling options, here are the general steps:

  • Select the free option that best suits your requirements from the available choices.
  • Sign up for a Telenor conferencing account or add the free option to your existing account.
  • Provide participants the dial-in details and access code for the free call option.
  • As the call host, dial-in first and start the conference call.
  • Manage the technical aspects of the call using host controls.
  • Make use of included free minutes, toll-free access or credits as applicable.
  • Monitor usage to avoid unexpected overage charges when free limits are exceeded.
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Telenor’s free conference calling choices make it budget-friendly to conduct meetings, trainings, sales calls, and other conference calls within your organization or with clients.

Other Conference Call Options

Jazz Conference Call Code and Pricing Details

Like Telenor, Jazz also offers audio conference calling services to business customers in Pakistan. Here are the key details of Jazz conference calls:

  • Conference call access code is a 5-digit numeric PIN.
  • Pay per use rate is PKR 2.49 per minute per participant.
  • Monthly subscription plans start at PKR 5,000 with bundled minutes.
  • Charges apply for call recording, dial-out, toll-free access.
  • International participants can dial in using access numbers.
  • Call capacity supports up to 150 participants.
  • Account management, recordings, and analytics available online.

Jazz provides a viable conferencing service option similar to Telenor for Pakistani businesses looking for audio conferencing features.

Ufone Conference Call Code and Pricing Details

Ufone is another leading telecom provider in Pakistan offering conferencing solutions. Key details include:

  • 6-digit access code to host and control Ufone conference calls.
  • Pay-per-use rate of PKR 1.99 per minute per participant.
  • Monthly package starting from PKR 2,500 with free minutes.
  • Call recording for PKR 2.5 per minute.
  • Toll-free and dial-out charges extra based on usage.
  • Can accommodate up to 150 participants.
  • 24×7 technical support for issues during calls.

Ufone conference calls provide a cost-effective audio conferencing facility for daily business communications and meetings.

Zong Conference Call Activation Code and Process

Zong is another mobile network provider in Pakistan offering conferencing solutions. Here are the key details:

  • Zong provides a 6-digit conference call activation PIN.
  • Pay per use rate of PKR 1.99 per minute per participant.
  • Monthly subscription starts PKR 1,999 with free minutes.
  • Call recording and dial-out available for additional fee.
  • Can accommodate up to 96 participants.
  • Activation code enables full call controls.
  • 24x
  • 24×7 customer support in case of issues.

The Zong conference call activation process typically involves signing up on their website, selecting a plan, and configuring the call settings. You then receive the PIN to access and control conference calls from the Zong conferencing bridge.

Overall, Zong provides a reliable audio conferencing option with competitive rates and features for businesses based in Pakistan.


Telenor conference call code is a unique PIN provided to subscribers to access Telenor’s conferencing service. It enables hosts to initiate and manage conference calls using Telenor’s bridge. Pricing is available on both pay-per-use and monthly subscription plans, with per minute per participant charges starting from PKR 1.99. Key features include call recording, international dial-in, toll-free access, and robust call controls for hosts. Overall, Telenor provides a high-quality and cost-effective audio conferencing solution for businesses in Pakistan.

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