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Telenor Call Divert and Forwarding Service 2023

Telenor, a popular telecom service provider in Pakistan, offers a unique feature known as the Telenor Call Divert or Call Forwarding Service. This service allows users to redirect incoming calls to their other numbers, providing them with the flexibility to manage their calls effectively. The terms ‘Call Divert’ and ‘Call Forwarding’ are used interchangeably to refer to this service.

The popularity of Telenor SIM cards among Pakistani telecom users can be attributed to its affordable SMS, data, and call packages. However, what sets Telenor apart from its competitors is its range of additional services, including the Call Divert/Call Forwarding service.

Telenor Call Divert Subscribe Code

To activate the Telenor Call Divert Service, users need to dial **21Number#, replacing ‘Number’ with the number they wish to forward their calls to. This code also serves as the activation code for the Telenor Call Forwarding Service, reinforcing the fact that both terms refer to the same service.

Service Name:Telenor Divert / Forwarding
Subscribe Code:**21*Number#
Unsubscribe Code:##21#
Price / Charges:As Per Service Use (Fixed)

Call Forwarding Unsubscribe Code

If users wish to deactivate this service, they can do so by dialing ##21#. This code serves as the deactivation code for both the Telenor Call Divert and Call Forwarding Services.

Service Charges By Network

The charges for this service are based on the total number of calls diverted or forwarded. As such, it may impact the balance of the user’s SIM card, leading some users to deactivate the service.

For further information about Telenor’s services, users can contact the network’s online Chat Center. Here, they can chat with a Telenor agent who can provide answers to all queries related to Telenor’s Value-Added Services (VAS).


Telenor Call Divert and Call Forwarding Service provides users with the convenience of managing their calls according to their preferences. Whether they wish to activate or deactivate the service, Telenor provides easy-to-use codes to ensure a seamless user experience.

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