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Telenor 2GB Free WhatsApp Monthly Code

Telenor, a leading telecommunications company, has introduced an exciting offer for its users who are active on social media. The offer, known as “Telenor Free WhatsApp Monthly 2GB Code,” allows users to stay connected on WhatsApp for an entire month without any charges. This offer is particularly beneficial for those who rely heavily on WhatsApp for communication and social interaction.

Telenor Free WhatsApp

To avail of this offer, Telenor users need to dial *247#. Upon dialing this code, they will be subscribed to the offer and receive 2GB of data exclusively for WhatsApp usage. This data is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of subscription. However, it’s important to note that a nominal charge of Rs. 0.01 applies at the time of activation.

WhatsApp 2000MBs

The Telenor Free WhatsApp Monthly 2GB Code offer is available to both Telenor and Djuice users. However, there are certain prerequisites to be eligible for this offer. Users must have a balance in their account, even if it’s minimal, to subscribe to this offer. Additionally, this offer is only applicable to prepaid users.

There are also some terms and conditions associated with this offer. If users change their package, they will need to reactivate the offer. Similarly, if they subscribe to another offer, the Free WhatsApp offer will automatically unsubscribe. In case of any issues with internet connectivity, users can SMS “internet” to 131 to get their net settings installed automatically.

Who is Eligible For Offer?

This offer is a great opportunity for Telenor users to enjoy uninterrupted WhatsApp services without worrying about data charges. It not only enables them to remain active on social media around the clock but also saves them from the hassle of frequent data recharges. However, users should be aware of the additional charges that may apply in certain territory areas or for location sharing.

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Telenor Free WhatsApp Monthly 2GB Code offer is a fantastic deal for social media enthusiasts. It provides them with the freedom to stay connected with their friends and family on WhatsApp without any data constraints.

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