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Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package 2023

Telenor, a leading telecommunications company, offers an attractive internet package for its prepaid customers who require short-term internet access. Known as the Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package or the Telenor Good Time Offer, this package provides users with 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) of data for a duration of two hours at a cost-effective price of just 18 rupees.

Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package

To activate this package, users simply need to dial *150#. This activation code enables users to access 3G/4G plain internet, making it suitable for a variety of online activities, whether it’s watching videos on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, or browsing the internet. The package is designed to cater to both 3G and 4G users, ensuring a wide range of customers can benefit from it.

Offer Name:Raat Din
Validity:2 Hour
Price:Rs 18
Subscribe Code:*150#

How To Activate 2 Hour Net?

Another way to activate this package is through the Raat Din Offer. By dialing the same activation code, *150#, users can enjoy super speedy 4G + LTE data for two hours. It’s important to note that the data provided under this offer will only be valid for two hours and will automatically expire once this period ends.

For those who prefer alternative methods of activation, the official Telenor App offers a convenient solution. Users can search for the Good Time Offer within the app and activate it directly. Alternatively, they can also activate the offer online by entering their number.

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Enjoy 120 Minutes

The Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package is available to all GSM prepaid users, including both djuice and Telenor customers. One of the key advantages of this package is that it can be activated multiple times. However, it’s worth noting that the validity of multiple subscriptions will remain the same. As with most services, all types of government taxes, including GST, apply to this package.


Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package is an affordable and flexible solution for prepaid customers seeking short-term internet access. Its easy activation process and generous data allowance make it a popular choice among Telenor users.

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