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Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package Code 2023

Telenor, a leading telecom network in Pakistan, offers a variety of 1-hour internet packages to cater to the diverse needs of its users. As the demand for internet connectivity continues to rise, Telenor has introduced these hourly packages to provide an optimal internet experience to its customers.

Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package

There are four primary packages under the “Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package” category. Each package comes with its unique benefits and is priced differently to suit various user requirements.

Social Package

The first package is the “Hourly Social Pack,” which provides 70 MBs of data for just Rs 2.5. This package is valid on an hourly basis and is ideal for accessing social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. The activation code for this package is *311#.

Offer Name:Social Pack
Price:Rs 2.5

YouTube Offer

Next is the “1 Hour YouTube Package.” Priced at Rs 8, this package offers 500 MBs of data, specifically for accessing YouTube. The package remains valid until midnight after subscription, and can be activated by dialing *60#.

Offer Name:Youtube Offer
Price:Rs 8

Off-Peak Package

The third package is the “Hourly Off-Peak Package.” For Rs 15, users can avail 1500 MBs of data, accessible from 6 AM to 6 PM. This package can be activated by dialing *10#.

Offer Name:Off-Peak Package
Price:Rs 15
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Raat – Din Offer

Lastly, the “Raat – Din Offer” provides 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) of data for Rs 18. This package is perfect for using Facebook, YouTube, Google, and other internet services on 3G/4G devices. The activation code for this package is *150#.

Offer Name:Raat-Din Offer
Price:Rs 18

To keep track of data usage, Telenor users can download and install the Telenor App. The app provides details about the remaining MBs for each package.

Telenor’s 1 Hour Internet Packages offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for users seeking high-speed internet access. Whether it’s for social media browsing, video streaming, or general internet use, these packages ensure that Telenor users stay connected at all times.

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