Du and Etisalat Telephone Numbers in UAE 2023″

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), two major telecommunications operators, Du and Etisalat, dominate the market. These companies provide a range of services including SMS, call, and data packages. However, due to the similarity in their network codes, residents often find it challenging to identify which network a particular number belongs to. This article aims to clarify this confusion by providing an in-depth analysis of the telephone numbers associated with Du and Etisalat.

Etisalat Codes List

Etisalat, founded on August 30, 1976, is one of the oldest telecom networks globally and has a broad network coverage in the UAE. It has been serving the UAE for over 47 years, offering high-speed internet, clear voice calls, and instant SMS services. The network codes for Etisalat are identifiable by the first three digits of the phone number. The codes for Etisalat are 050, 054, and 056. Therefore, if your number begins with any of these three-digit codes, you are an Etisalat user.

Du Codes List

On the other hand, Du, also known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company P.J.S.C., is the second most used telecom network in the UAE. Founded in May 2005, Du has been providing reliable SMS, call, and data services at affordable rates for the past 18 years. The network codes for Du are 052, 055, and 058. Hence, if your number starts with any of these codes, you are using a Du SIM card.


Understanding the network codes can help UAE residents identify whether they are using Du or Etisalat services. The codes 050, 054, and 056 belong to Etisalat, while 052, 055, and 058 are associated with Du. This information can be particularly useful when choosing a new SIM card or identifying the network of incoming calls.

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