School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 8 First Term

The School Based Assessment (SBA) for Grade 8 in the first term of 2023 is a significant educational event. This assessment, which is set to commence on October 3rd, 2023, is an integral part of the academic calendar and plays a crucial role in evaluating the students’ understanding of various subjects.

School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 8 Item Bank

The SBA is a comprehensive evaluation that covers a wide range of subjects including Social Studies, General Knowledge, Science, Urdu, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Islamiat, and Tadrees e Quran Majeed.

The assessment is conducted over several days, with each day dedicated to a specific subject or activity. For instance, the assessment of Social Studies and General Knowledge is scheduled for Monday, while Tuesday is reserved for the marking of assessment scripts and tabulation of results.

SBA School Based Assessment Grade 8 with Answer Keys

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has issued an item bank that contains all the subjects from Class 3 to Class 8. Each school will conduct SBA Papers 2023 according to the datasheet provided by PEC. Schools can download their papers from their unique login, which uses the School EMIS Code as the username and the District code, Tehsil code, and school EMIS Code as the password.

8th Class SBA Frist Term Papers 2023 PEC

EnglishPDF PaperAnswer Keys
UrduPDF PaperAnswer Keys
SciencePDF PaperAnswer Keys
Computer EducationPDF PaperAnswer Keys
MathematicsPDF PaperAnswer Keys
IslamiatPDF PaperAnswer Keys
Teaching Holy QuranPDF PaperAnswer Keys
Social StudyPDF PaperAnswer Keys

SBA 1st Term Grade 8 Model Paper2023

The PEC has also made available solution keys for each paper in both English and Urdu versions. These solution keys are instrumental in helping students understand the correct answers and improve their performance in future assessments. The PEC Item Bank generates the papers for all subjects, and these are available for download in PDF format.

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School Based Assessment 2023 Class 8 English with Key

The assessment papers, the PEC has also released model papers for the SBA 2023. These model papers serve as a valuable resource for students to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam and practice their skills.

The results for the SBA first term will be announced on October 14th, 2023, on a school basis. This announcement will mark the culmination of the assessment process and will provide students with a clear understanding of their academic performance.


School Based Assessment 2023 for Grade 8 in the first term is a comprehensive evaluation process that covers a wide range of subjects. It provides students with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills, while also providing them with valuable feedback on their academic performance. With the support of the PEC and the resources provided, students are well-equipped to tackle this assessment and achieve their academic goals.


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