School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 7 1st Term Paper

The School Based Assessment (SBA) for Grade 7, first term of 2023, has commenced. This assessment is a comprehensive evaluation system that covers various subjects including Social Studies, General Knowledge, Science, Urdu, and Computer Science. The assessment is scheduled to run from October 3rd to October 14th, 2023, with a Parent-Teacher meeting slated for the final day.

First-term English SBA Paper 2023

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has released an item bank containing all the examination papers for Grade 7. These papers are available in both English and Urdu and can be downloaded in PDF format by teachers and students alike. Each paper consists of two sections: an objective section worth 50 marks, comprising 25 multiple-choice questions, and a subjective section also worth 50 marks, featuring both short and long answer questions.

Grade 7 Science Subject with Answer Key PDF

The PEC item bank system is used to create the science subject paper, which is based on the Punjab textbook curriculum 2023. The paper carries a total of 100 marks, with 50 marks allocated to the objective portion and 50 marks to the subjective portion. The computer science paper is derived from all lessons in the computer book published by PTB, covering chapters on hardware fundamentals, software fundamentals, customizing a Word document, multimedia presentations, and electronic mail.

7th Class SBA Frist Term Papers 2023 PEC

EnglishDownload PaperAnswer Keys
UrduDownload PaperAnswer Keys
ScienceDownload PaperAnswer Keys
Computer EducationDownload PaperAnswer Keys
MathematicsDownload PaperAnswer Keys
IslamiatDownload PaperAnswer Keys
Teaching Holy QuranDownload PaperAnswer Keys
Social StudyDownload PaperAnswer Keys

Islamic Studies SBA 1st Term Paper with Key Download PDF

The SBA also includes an Islamic Studies paper, which is divided into two sections. The first section involves a written test from the textbook, followed by an oral evaluation from Nazra. The second section involves reading the Ahadess and Surah with translation, following the Tarjamat-ul-Quran 2023 syllabus.

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Each school in Punjab, whether government, PEF, or private institutions, can access these exams through their unique School EMIS Code. This code allows schools to log into the PEC item bank and download the necessary papers along with their corresponding answer keys and rubrics.


School Based Assessment is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation system that aims to assess the knowledge and understanding of Grade 7 students across various subjects. It provides a platform for students to showcase their learning and for teachers to gauge the effectiveness of their teaching methods.


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