Saudi Arabia Announced Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently announced an additional 100 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students, according to the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh. This generous initiative is open to both Pakistani students residing in Saudi Arabia and those living in Pakistan.

This new announcement brings the total number of scholarships offered by Saudi Arabia to Pakistani students to 700. The scholarships are distributed across various academic levels, including Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. These opportunities will be provided at 25 prestigious Saudi universities, further enhancing the educational ties between the two nations.

The distribution of these scholarships is designed to benefit a majority of students residing in Pakistan, with 75% of the scholarships allocated to them. The remaining 25% will be awarded to Pakistani students already residing in Saudi Arabia. This strategic allocation aims to provide maximum benefits to students in Pakistan while also supporting those who have already made the move to Saudi Arabia for their education.

Saudi Arabia Announced Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Thousands of Pakistani students are currently studying in top universities around the globe, demonstrating the remarkable talent and potential that Pakistan’s youth possess. This additional support from Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for these talented individuals to excel in their chosen fields.

For those interested in availing this opportunity, they can visit the official website for more information. This initiative not only strengthens the educational bond between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan but also provides a platform for Pakistani students to showcase their abilities on an international stage.

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This announcement, made on November 6th, 2023, is a testament to the ongoing commitment of Saudi Arabia to support and invest in the education of Pakistani students. It is a significant step towards fostering academic growth and development among the youth of Pakistan.


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