How to Pay Etisalat Bill Online 2023 | Step by Step Guide

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to pay your Etisalat bill online using a credit card. Are you tired of the long queues at the payment centres or struggling with lost payment receipts? Worry no more! This blog post will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to make your payments swiftly and conveniently from the comfort of your home or office.

Understand Etisalat Postpaid Bill Payment

Description of Postpaid Services

Etisalat postpaid services offer a convenient way for customers to use mobile, landline, and eLife services and pay for them at the end of a billing period. This service is beneficial for customers as it eliminates the need to monitor credit balance constantly, giving peace of mind and uninterrupted connectivity. However, understanding how to access and pay these bills online is crucial to make the most out of this service.

How to Access Your Postpaid Bill

Accessing your Etisalat postpaid bill is as simple as visiting the Etisalat website or the My Etisalat UAE app. The app, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, allows users to easily view their account details and current bill. This digital transformation ensures you have 24/7 access to your bill, making it easier to manage and plan your payments.

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Etisalat Quick Pay: A Convenient Option

Etisalat Quick Pay

Etisalat Quick Pay is an innovative payment solution designed to make bill payments quick, simple, and safe. This service allows customers to pay their mobile, landline, and eLife bills in just a few clicks without the need to log into their accounts. Whether you’re using a credit or debit card, Quick Pay ensures your bill payments are handled efficiently and securely.

Use Etisalat Quick Pay

Using Etisalat Quick Pay is straightforward. Just visit, enter your account number, select the amount to pay, and proceed with the payment using your credit or debit card. A confirmation message will be displayed upon successful payment, and a receipt will be sent to your registered email address. It’s that simple!

How to Pay Your Etisalat Bill Online Through Credit Card

Step 1: Accessing the Etisalat Website or App

The first step in paying your Etisalat bill online is accessing the Etisalat website or the My Etisalat UAE app. If you prefer using a smartphone, download and install the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you opt for the website, just type into your web browser and hit enter.

Step 2: Navigating to “Bills & Payments”

Once you are on the Etisalat website or app, navigate to the “Bills & Payments” section. This section provides details of your current and past bills, due dates, and outstanding amounts. Furthermore, it offers multiple payment options, including credit and debit cards, for your convenience.

Step 3: Opting for “Autopay” and Inputting Credit Card Details

For regular and hassle-free payments, consider opting for the “Autopay” option. Autopay allows you to set up standing instructions for automatic deduction of your bill amount from your registered credit card on the due date. To use this service, register your credit card details by clicking on the “Autopay” option and following the prompts.

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Step 4: Confirming the Payment Amount

Once your credit card is registered, you need to confirm the payment amount. Ensure you check the total bill amount and any additional charges before proceeding with the payment. Once confirmed, click on the payment option and complete the transaction. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful payment.

Other Etisalat Bill Payment Options

Pay in Person at Banks

If you’re more comfortable making payments in person, you can pay your Etisalat bill at any bank in the UAE. Just walk into your preferred bank, provide the necessary details such as your account number and the amount to be paid, and complete the payment.

Payment Through Etisalat Payment Machines (EPM)

Etisalat has also set up multiple payment machines across the UAE for the convenience of its customers. These machines accept both cash and card payments. To use the EPM, just follow the instructions on the machine’s screen.

Payment Through Exchange Houses

Another convenient way to pay your Etisalat bill is through exchange houses. Etisalat has partnered with numerous exchange houses including Al Ansari Exchange, LULU Exchange, and UAE Exchange for this purpose. You can visit any of these exchange houses and pay your bill over the counter.

View and Downloading Your Etisalat Bill

How to View Your Etisalat Bill

To view your Etisalat bill, you can either use the Etisalat website or My Etisalat UAE app. After logging in using your credentials, navigate to “Bills & Payments”. Here you will find a detailed view of your current and previous bills. This view includes details such as the billing period, due dates, billed amount, and any outstanding amounts.

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How to Download Your Etisalat Bill

If you wish to keep a physical record of your bills or need a copy for reference, Etisalat provides an option to download and print your bills. From the “Bills & Payments” section, select the bill you want to download and click on the ‘Download’ button. The bill will be downloaded in a pdf format which you can then print for your records.


Paying your Etisalat bill online through a credit card is a simple and secure process. With just a few steps; accessing the Etisalat website or app, navigating to “Bills & Payments”, choosing the “Autopay” option and confirming the payment amount, you can quickly pay your bill without any hassles. Additionally, other options like paying in person at banks, through Etisalat Payment Machines, or exchange houses are also available for your convenience.

Regular monitoring of your bills is crucial to manage your finances effectively. With Etisalat’s digital platforms and services, keeping track of your bills and payments has become easier than ever. You can quickly view, download, and pay your bills from anywhere, anytime. So, ensure you make the most out of these services and stay on top of your bills.

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