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JazzCash Withdrawal Charges

JazzCash, a mobile money transfer service, has been facilitating users for a few years now. It allows individuals to send and receive money swiftly using their Jazz SIM. The process is simple; once the JazzCash account is successfully created on the Jazz SIM, the user can initiate transactions in seconds.

All that’s required is the receiver’s account number, which is typically their mobile number. The system then displays the receiver’s name for confirmation before the transaction is completed.

JazzCash Withdraw Charges

However, it’s important to note that each transaction made through JazzCash incurs certain withdrawal charges, known as “JazzCash Withdraw Charges”.

These charges are applied in a fixed ratio and vary depending on the amount being transacted. For instance, if you’re sending or receiving money from a JazzCash mobile account or transferring it to a bank account, you’ll have to pay these specific charges.

Complete Charges List

The charges are categorized into five different brackets based on the transaction amount.

1 Rupee to 1000 Rupees Charges:

For transactions ranging from 1 Rupee to 1000 Rupees, the charges vary from 7 to 20 Rupees.

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 1 to 2007 Rupees
PKR 201 to 50012 Rupees
PKR 501 to 100020 Rupees

1001 Rupees to 6000 Rupees Charges:

For amounts between 1001 Rupees and 6000 Rupees, the charges range from 40 to 100 Rupees.

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Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 1001 to 250040 Rupees
PKR 2501 to 400070 Rupees
PKR 4001 to 6000100 Rupees

6001 Rupees to 13000 Rupees Charges:

Transactions between 6001 Rupees and 13000 Rupees incur charges from 130 to 230 Rupees.

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 6001 to 8000130 Rupees
PKR 8001 to 10000180 Rupees
PKR 10001 to 13000230 Rupees

13001 Rupees to 25000 Rupees Charges:

For amounts from 13001 Rupees to 25000 Rupees, the charges range from 280 to 380 Rupees.

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 13001 to 16000280 Rupees
PKR 16001 to 20000330 Rupees
PKR 20001 to 25000380 Rupees

25001 Rupees to 50000 Rupees Charges:

Lastly, for transactions between 25001 Rupees and 50000 Rupees, the charges vary from 470 to 690 Rupees.

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 25001 to 30000470 Rupees
PKR 30001 to 40000560 Rupees
PKR 40001 to 50000690 Rupees

Low Tax Best Service

Despite these charges, many users consider JazzCash a “low tax best service” due to its competitive rates. The lowest tax rate is 7 rupees for 200 withdrawals, while the maximum tax rate is 690 rupees for transactions of 50,000 rupees.


JazzCash provides a convenient way to transfer money, it’s essential for users to be aware of the associated withdrawal charges. This knowledge can help users make informed decisions about their transactions and manage their finances more effectively.

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